5 Ideas to Consider Before you Renovate the Outdoor Area


inspiring outdoor area
Beautiful Patio (Image via Pinterest)

The southern hemisphere countries such as Australia have the perfect climate is great for outdoor living and even though her in the UK we don't have constant months of sun it's doesn't mean we don't enjoy our outdoor space just as much. If your home doesn’t have an outdoor area, or if the area doesn’t really facilitate spending lots of happy hours enjoying the fresh air, perhaps it’s time to consider a renovation.

toddler gardening
Mr A getting ready to tackle our old garden

When most people think of renovating they think of adding a spare bedroom or extending the kitchen. Rarely do folks consider renovating their outdoor area and yet it really can be one of the best features of the home. A great outdoor area will improve your lifestyle and will also create an excellent first impression to visitors. There are lots of examples of outdoor areas online, just click here and be inspired. There are a number of things to think about before you begin your outdoor area renovation. Here are just five.

The Landscape

Have a good look around your property; check out the orientation of your block. Think about what you like about your garden, where you like spending time. This will help you decide where to place seating and outdoor lighting. If you have a favourite tree, you might like to incorporate some built-in seating at its base as well as a couple of solar lights. Consider how you can enhance the existing features of your outdoors.

seating around a tree
Beautiful nature inspired seating (Image via Pinterest)


Another thing to consider before renovating is lighting. If you will be using your space at night you will need to include outdoor lighting in your plans. If you are planning a barbeque area you will probably need overhead lighting. If you wish to highlight pathways then task lighting will be what you want. What features would you like to enhance with lighting? If you have a beautiful hanging plant or a favourite tree, you might like to highlight it with lighting. Think ambience and aesthetics as well as function.

garden lighting
Very romantic and beautiful garden lighting (Image via Pinterest)

Appeal from the Street

You will want your outdoor area to look appealing from the street. Go out into your street during the day and also at night to see what improvements need to be made. Sometimes a few small renovations will greatly improve the appeal of your home from the street, things like painting the courtyard wall, adding a nice light fitting to your patio or installing a new front door can make a huge impact.

What about the Fence?

Harsh weather conditions can play havoc with your fence. Consider giving your fence a facelift as part of any outdoor renovation plans. A fresh coat of paint may be all that’s required or perhaps you need to build a new fence, one that better complements your home and outdoor area. If you do need to replace or rebuild your fence then make sure to have it done professionally and research the best fence installers in your local. area, this will mean a better quality finish that will also save you time and money in the long run. 

Cooking Outside

Many people love to eat outdoors and have an outdoor table setting so they can do just that. However, having an outdoor kitchen will take the experience to a whole new level. If you and your family are outdoors people, you will love cooking and entertaining outside during the warmer months. You can make your outdoor kitchen from weather-proof materials.

cooking outdoors
Mr Brother taking charge of the BBQ last summer

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  1. I love being in my garden, so I always try to keep it nice. I'm thinking of getting a garden heater this year - I love the way the flames dance in the dusk :)

    Great post.

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper | An Undomestic Goddess

  2. It feels like ages since I have read your blog! I love the romantic setting and Mr A looks like he is having fun exploring. Lovely post.

  3. I love being out in the garden, in the summer with my ipod and a good book. I just wish my dad would invest in some nicer patio furniture. This is a lovely post, the pictures look amazing and it's incredible what can be made with a few little simple materials, we have coloured glass bottles with the bottoms cut out and we put tea lights under them. I think my fave's the little wooden seat by the tree. xx

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  4. this post has got me excited for summer! x

  5. i wish we had a nice garden! we basically have a small patio but it's still better than nothing!

  6. I really wish we lived in a country where it was possible to spend more time sitting out in the garden. I need to sort mine out, it's quite big but just a mess as I barely have time to sort out my house let alone my garden! I'm really looking forward to the Summer now! x

  7. Great post...it make me long for summer, or spring at least! I love the picture of the garden with all the lamps and lights, so sweet! (n)

  8. i've been itching all week to get out and start gardening! Roll on spring ;)

  9. I'll hopefully be moving house before the summer and am planning to make our new garden something to be proud of. I love the romantic lighting, it looks beautiful.

  10. Wrote a long comment last night and then it wouldn't publish - annoying! Anyway, back to say that all those look like great ideas to consider. We have a nice big garden. It was one of the deciding factors in buying our house last year. But we have done very little to it and it looks like another year for it to just sit there! Someday.


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