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Homemade treats

What is better than a chilled out day, sitting inside, warm and cosy with a cup of tea while it rains outside paired up with a table full of homemade baked treats and a few other bloggers? It really is a perfect combination and with the Blogger Baking Club being a family friendly event it meant the little man could come a long - and he loved it, especially all the attention he got from the ladies.

Toddler party

The Bloggers Bake Club is going to be a month affair and is the brand child of Amy from Bonjour Cupcakes Blog and with every month there is different theme - with it being the first one of the year they theme was "lighter" baking to keep fairly in touch with everyones New Years resolutions. I opted to make a Low Fat Vegan Banana and Walnut Cake and some as healthy as they can be Vegan Chocolate Brownies. Everyone made such delicious treats with a Skinny Carrot Cake (sooo good) and lovely light Lemon and White Chocolate cookies and a Berry Flapjack tray bake, accompanied by some cheeses and rustic bread.

Homemade baked treats
So glad the Banana bread went down well

It took place at the wonderfully welcoming and homely pub that is Gwdihw which has a lovely selection of Teas and fruit juices, as well of course beer, although since we met up at 2pm it seems a little early to start drinking. Due to a lot of people being busy and not being able to make it it mean that there were only four of us - Amy, Gemma from FatFrocks and Mia,  but it was a perfect size to have chat over some tea and cake and talk about possible ideas for the next meet and hopefully make it bigger and better as it's always great to see something like this in Cardiff with bloggers support and socialising with each other in such a fun foodie sort of way.

Red hair

If you would like to know more about the Blogger Bake Club get in touch with Amy from Bonjour Cupcake


  1. oooh! wish I was in Cardiff for this! All those cakes look so good

  2. This sounds like the best get together ever! I love cake ;)

  3. What a fab idea - it all looks so yum! x

  4. Ah this is such a lovely idea

  5. ooh this sounds like fun! i've been getting into baking recently, made some brownies last week and they were delicious! also this just made me realise i haven't been to gwdihw in AGES!

  6. looks lovely and I LOVE the word gwdihw! if we were going to have a girl we were thinking of that for a middle name haha! x

  7. Oh wow! This is a wonderful idea. xxxxx

  8. What a great idea, we may have to set up a Bristol cake club! Good idea to have a theme too, am all up for a bit of low fat cake. You keep on reminding me of my old Cardiff haunts, I miss that city!

  9. I am so looking forward to eventually being able to make one of these! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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