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Muddy Adventures

running toddler

Despite all the rain we have had a few moments of not only dry but also glimpses of the sun, if one for a few minutes. We have tried to make the most of every day and have had some lovely adventures this week to the Common and Roath Park, as well playing in our garden and making plans for planting our vegetables - the time is fast approaching to get everything ready.

outdoor fun

natural childhood

With all the rain comes a lot of mud - and what child does not like squelching and jumping in mud! I know I love to. We have also started to see a few first signs of spring with some daffodils starting to shoot up slowly and we even came across a few daisy's yesterday. Of course winter is still prevalent and discovered some amazing Holly bushes on our walk up a local common space.

holly bush

John also joined up on one of our adventures this week - we had a lovely light lunch at our favourite veggie organic and local indie deli that is Milgi Bar before dodging the rain at Roath park, lucky after a downpour the sun came out and what a beautiful sight it was.

Enjoying some homemade Elderflower Soda at Milgi Bar

sun through trees
Beautiful sun after the down pour
I really cannot wait for better weather to be on it's way although it never stops us from having fun outside and I think we would get cabin fever if we spent more than one day inside. Even when it is wet it's so refreshing to be in nature. Mr A loves looking for bugs and insects as well as fallen leaves and berries and with the season soon to change I cannot wait to see all the new buds blooming.

outdoor fun


  1. lovely! perfect winter muddy walks are my favourite (although I am also wishing for the warmer weather a little now!) x

  2. not much beats some mud!! My girls love squelching through muddy puddles

  3. Glad you have been braving weather and getting out. He certainly looks to be enjoying himself.

  4. Loving the green and blue wellies along with the reindeer hat! popping over from #CountryKids

  5. I love that you are getting out despite the horrible weather, it does make for lots of fun mud squelching!

    I used to go to the Milgi bar, does it still have the yurt in the garden?! I used to live near Roath Park too! Oh Cardiff I do miss you! I think I'm due a visit soon!

  6. Beautiful photos:o) #countrykids

  7. i keep meaning to go to roath park and take some photos, i live really close too, only about 15 mins walk away! ..maybe when it gets a bit warmer ;)

  8. Puddles and mud the only good things to come from all the rain we've been having. As you say you have to grab the chance while you can otherwise you go a little stir crazy cooped up indoors. It looks like you made the most of your trip out and enjoyed what the great outdoors had to offer. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  9. We also need to put in some work on our veg patch this week. It's our first year, so I need to work out what in earth we are doing!

  10. This looks great, muddy walks are a must with our toddler! A bit of sunshine wouldn't go a miss though x


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