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I love to feature fair-trade and ethical brands on the blog and this is totally from an unbiased perspective - this is not a sponsored post neither has Beulah asked me to mention them on the blog, I simply came across their Spring Summer 2014 collection and have fallen in love with the simple, chic and flowing designs. The brand came to be after the founders spent some time in India working in an aftercare home for those effected with human trafficking. On return to the London they developed the idea of Beulah - a brand that helps provide a sustainable livelihood for those who have come out of sex trafficking. It's always wonderful to hear about companies such as Beulah, who are doing so much good but in a very stylish way.

Here are my favourite picks from there Spring Summer Collection

ethical fashion

ethical fashion

spring summer

Eco fashion


  1. Beautiful dresses!! I've never heard of this company before xx

  2. I have never heard of them before either...
    There dresses are beautiful x

  3. The last two piece looks amazing and what a lovely company, it is so refreshing to hear that fashion brands are helping people who need it. So inspirational and fantastic clothes!

    Georgie xx


  4. These dresses are stunning! I love when companies are about more than making a profit.


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