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toddler in tree

With the weather being so up and down we have tried to make the most of every dry opportunity given to us, which has meant lot's of mini outdoor adventures. Most of the time we have just run outside, leaving my camera at home and making the most of it. From exploring local parks to playing in our garden, climbing trees as well as watching the workmen up on our roof trying to fix our leaky chimney.
Those moments of sunshine have been precious and a beautiful sight, actually seeing our shadows on the ground or it peeping through the trees have been priceless.


We try and keep as active as possible in winter although this season has felt like a bit of an endurance and I really cannot wait for a break in the weather and I always feel terrible wishing time away but I can't wait for spring to raise it's head and see the bluebells again.

natural childhood

Hopefully this coming week will bring us more chances to enjoy the outdoors and have fun.

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  1. Like you I yearn for Spring and the end of this wet winter! I think your short trips out when the weather permits has been the best option to ensure that you get some exercise and fresh air. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  2. I hope this week will be better too, at least you managed to get out though. #CountryKids

  3. Lovely pics, we've had a few really nice days following the storms ... until the next storm #countrykids

  4. I feel exactly the same about wishing the season away. I was looking at photos of E last spring, playing in fields of buttercups, and I realised how desperate I am for some pretty flowers to decorate our walks. x

  5. oooh! I'm in need of some adventures... it's been wet and with hurricane force winds we haven't ventured out this week :/

  6. Glad you have been making the most of it...all you can do with the weather has been over the past weeks. We love finding our shadows now too and jumping on each others. Lovely photos.

  7. Every year you sort of forget how long winter actually lasts (and this one has been pretty miserable!) and how exciting those first few signs of spring are! Heres hoping it comes soon and more outside adventures can happen!

  8. I love your photos - particularly the bottom right one. I am really longing for Spring although today's sunshine really cheered my soul...and it was great being out and about and seeing snowdrops around and other splashes of colour....we even saw some daisies which was lovely!

  9. I'm officially a bit sick of winter now, come on spring! Love your yellow wellies btw! x


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