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Looking for the Perfect Valentines Gift

Relaxing Bath

Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a bunch of roses and chocolate - I mean I won't turn them down, but being a bit more creative or tailoring the gift more to the interest of your partner rather than just picking a generic option can go a long way in my books. I love the graphic below and I totally agree, especially when your a mother that time of from chores and a child free evening is one of the best gifts you can give, time to actually put your feet up, read a book and relax in a warm bath sounds like total bliss. When it comes to Valentines you need to strike the balance between being romantic but not cheesy and to show the ones you love how special they are and it really doesn't need to cost the east, some nice bath salts would do me. What is your dream Valentines gift?

Looking for the perfect romantic gift?
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  1. The first photo is stunning , love it. I think this chart is pretty accurate , but I'll be in those %4 who want roses ;)

  2. I agree on the 4% of women wanting roses! I always feel a bit depressed getting flowers as they are pretty as first and then just wilt and die! x

  3. My ideal Valentine's Day gift would be an engagement ring!! Been with my OH for eleven years but he's really anti-marriage! x

  4. That bath looks heavenly, I could do with one of those right now. I agree that as a mother time to relax to yourself is such an amazing gift x

  5. I'm a total massage fiend and I think I drop enough hints regularly to say that's what I would like as a gift! Not sure if it ever quite goes in though!

  6. Ah, i really want to dive right into a hot bath after this! I'd like a trip to thermae spa down the road - it's been too long since I went!! I'd be happy with a lie in though to be honest!

  7. No roses but I would actually love to get flowers for Valentine's Day!

  8. i've never received anything for valentines! i've been with my boyfriend for 5 years & neither of us care about it. i'd be happy to receive flowers or chocolate anytime though!


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