Ethical beauty products - what we are using


So we love to try new beauty products and it's important to us they are cruelty free, preferably naturally based and with a brand that has some ethical morals. This of course cannot always be the case but we truly believe your skin will be thankful for products that are soft and plant based. We have purchased all of these products ourself and it's what we are using at the moment and all feelings expressed are completely our own

Organic beauty products

1. Toms - Natural Deodorant - A crystal Zinc based deodorant made in Maine using sustainable practices and recycled packaging. It's strange looking at the back of a product and seeing very few ingredients - this is basically made up of naturally sourced Zinc and Potassium that helps fight odour causing bacteria. It's light, fragrance free and perfect for sensitive skin. It does take a few days to really start working and I find it's great for day to day use although if I know I am going somewhere hot, stuffy or an important social event I tend to use something a little bit stronger or double up with a light fragrance spray for extra protection - all in all a great natural product

2. Aveda Stress Fix Body Lotion - I do love Aveda although it is pricey so this little number was picked up by the other half as a present for me. 99% of the total ingredients are from natural origins and 95% are certified organic and this product feels really luxurious and the lavender scent is so lovely and calming and great for applying after a lazy evening bath after a long day and it does what it says on the box - a amazing stress-fix - recommended.

3. Botanics 100% Organic Rosewater Toner - I don't think I will ever get bored of the lovely scent that is rosewater - so soft, delicate and a great way to start the day and fit into your daily cleansing regime and I feel this is perfect for my combination/oily skin. I also like how Boots Botanics are moving in the right direction with this product being made in the UK, using a minimum of 25% recycled packaging and being people tested - all retailers should be like that.

Moisture cream for men

As you can see John has already nearly used all of his Moisture Cream for Men by Weleda that I picked up for him as an extra little stocking filler over Christmas. Weleda is a real key player in the natural and ethical beauty products and even though they can also bit a bit pricey we have always had positive experiences and always go back for more. John has quite dry skin and this really rehydrates it without making it oily- quite a hard thing to find. A big thumbs up for the beardy man


  1. I love my rose water! It feels so great on my skin, and refreshing. And Toms products are also great. I love this post.

    xo. Kailagh

  2. I love rose water too! Boots Botanics are a great range xx

  3. I try and eat ethically but realise that I need to extend this to everything I buy and use. Thanks for the reminder

  4. I need some of that Aveda stress fix body lotion xx

  5. ooh Weleda is a must for me too and you've reminded me I also love Eveda! x

  6. Ah I love Aveda and Weleda. Although I had no idea Aveda do beauty products - I thought they were all hair. That body lotion looks lush. I love love love their shampoo so i'm sure i'll love this. Back in the pre children days I used to have my hair cut (every SIX WEEKS!) in an Aveda salon ... pure bliss!

  7. oh i love rosewater! are there ones for other skin types? mine's a mix between dry, sensitive and normal.

  8. i love these items , they sound amazing would love to give them a go x


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