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Viva la Veganuary

So just thought I would do a quick post to keep you in the loop with my veganuary journey - which I have really enjoyed. We have been eating lots of healthy home made recipes as well as rustling up some quick alternative favourites. It's not been without it's hitches - I did find myself on one family outing in a place there was literally nothing for me to eat, but no fear managed to pop over to a supermarket and full myself up on some yummy fruit, nuts and those of so good naked bars.

Vegan inspiration

So besides the lentil Dalh and spinach curries these four went down the best with the big and little man - we brought in "hot no-dog" night with Linda Mccartney sausages, onions, spinach and organic tomato sauce. I also threw together a quick bean gumbo which was super tasty, we indulged in some bean burgers, straight out of the oven rolls and salad as well as some vegan spaghetti bolognese with shredded carrot and spinach - so good. Still have not found a good cheese substitute but no fear I am hoping a third time lucky with the Vegusto Cheese I am going to top my homemade kale pizza's with.

My favourite thing I made this week was the Berry and Apple tray bake - so tasty and fairly healthy in terms of baking treats, packed with oats and berries and buckwheat flour and overly sweet - recipe coming soon (want to perfect it first)

Healthy baking


  1. The tray bake thing looks tasty! Can't wait for the recipe.

    Sarah | Some Sparkle and Shine

  2. Ooh the bolognese looks tasty, love a bean burger, all looks lovely and I must come back for the berry traybake recipe, cannot beat a nice easy pudding.

  3. The tray bake looks amazing! Glad to hear it's all going well - do you think you'll stay vegan past January? I think I'd struggle without cheese; hope the replacement one you've found is good.

  4. Oh my goodness I've already had my lunch and this is making me want to eat again! What a delicious looking selection. I'm vegetarian and already have an aversion to milk and eggs and I'm so inspired by Veganuary and posts like this I think I'm going to give it a try next year! Yum!!

  5. It's so great to see people enjoying vegan food for Veganuary :) the tray bake looks amazing, I shall be keeping a loot out for the recipe! x

  6. the tray bake looks great! I've been doing Veganuary too and been surprised and how easy it has been for the most part! I've found myself in a couple of situations where the only thing to eat was either a plain roll or boring soup though which sucks! x

  7. That tray bake looks yummy!! Although I'm veggie not vegan, I eat very little dairy these days, a bit of cheese, i do eat eggs but only from our own hens!

  8. The tray bake looks amazing! I'm a vegetarian, so I totally understand how hard it is to find something to eat in a restaurant. Must be even harder for you being vegan :)

  9. All of this looks so, so tasty. I'm not brave enough for a life without cheese though ... and would be scared about eating out. Its so lovely to see such a positive experience x

  10. Keep it up, I've been vegan for about two years now so have plenty of tips if you need any!


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