Remembering Prague


Prague old town
Me on a walk back down from the castle in Prague

I have been to the Czech Republic twice - on both occasions I have entered the country via train - the first was a long trip from Amsterdam via Berlin through the german countryside into CZ - it was amazing to see the landscape change, roll past small villages and post-soviet towns. The second time I had come up from Croatia through Hungary and Slovakia - another amazing and inspiring trip and I couldn't imagine any other way of seeing the country.

European train trip
Coming into the Czech Republic via Germany - amazing scenery

The first time I was travelling with some Czech friends who I had met while working in Amsterdam and where returning home - it was great to have an insider look to the city and I spent a few weeks there, picking up some basic words, enjoying riding the fairly new metro as well as the trams all over the city.

Prague city

Its one of those kind of places I love because it's not perfect - I saw the good and bad side of the city and enjoyed window shopping in the tourist parts, bars in the old town, learning about history in the Jewish Quarter, enjoying picnics in the parks on the outskirts.

Prague tourism

I found the language so interesting and loved the stark contrast between some of the dilapidated ex-soviet buildings to the colourful and youthful nightlife. It was great being somewhere in Europe that was fairly cheap (although this is changing) and it was great to have locals as friends as it meant I could avoid the crowds of stag and hen do's and really get a feel for the place.

Local prague
Having my first real Budweiser  in a local eatery in Prague

It's a part of the world I find fascinating, I love the culture and really want to travel more around that area, hopefully very soon. After I left Prague the first time was on a local bus to Bratislava in Slovakia - another city I fell in love with and will share with you very soon.

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  1. I only live two hours from Prague. I love that city. The language is hard, I always try to remember hello and thank you, but I dont even remember it right now. Also I'll be visiting Bratislava for the first time in March so I'm looking forward to your post!

  2. I love Prague... I originally went for a weekend but ended up staying for over three weeks. Since then I have been back several times... just beautiful :)

  3. I would love to visit Prague.... one day! Looks fantastic xx

  4. Any time I see someone write about Prague I look forward to reading what they have to say. I love that you got to be there with locals and get a feel for the every day life of Czechs. You captured the non-touristy side of it and I love that! We lived in Prague for 9 years. It will always be considered one of our "homes." We adopted our Czech-Roma daughter while living there as well as my twins being born there. If you ask where they are from, they will tell you Prague! We moved away in 2010 and have been back once. I hope we can make other trips back while they are growing up. It will forever be a part of all of us!! Thanks for sharing. I just love what you captured and experienced!

  5. Great photos! I haven't been to Prague yet but would really love to visit. In some of your photos it looks almost like a toy town! Really beautiful. It looks like a great place to visit and makes me want to go even more!!

  6. My mum and sister adored Prague, the only thing they didn't like is they thought it was quite expensive over there. I think I'd still like to go though. Your pictures are lovely :) x

  7. that second picture almost looks like a postcard! i've wanted to go to prague for the longest time.

  8. looks stunning, especially the second picture! x

  9. what lovely pictures , looks stunning , would love to visit one day x

  10. I've only ever been to Prague once, and arrived by train too from Berlin whilst interrailling round Eastern Europe. It was pretty cold and snowy when we visited, but was so so beautiful. I loved all the museums and history as well as the underground bars!

    It's so lovely to be reminded of those wonderful cities (I loved Bratislava too!) and I would love to go back!

  11. I've only visited Prague once, and I arrived by train too from Berlin when I was interrailing around Eastern Europe. When we arrived it bitterly cold and snowy, but that made it all the more beautiful. I loved the history and museums, as well as some awesome bars with very cheap beer!

    Thanks for sharing, it's so good to remember some of the amazing cities (I loved Bratislava too!) and hope to go back one day!

  12. I love that photo of you with the budweiser...I have been there when I was young but want to return with my family soon!


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