Newport Wetlands - Outdoor Adventure


Beautiful landscape

We love to explore new places and being members of the RSPB we have been long overdue for a trip to the Newport Wetlands. It took a while to find the place as it's on the outskirts of newport, near the coast and what should of taken just over 30min was closer to an hour but at least we know where it is now as I am sure we will be visiting again very soon. The trip was also well timed with our own preparations with the Big Bird Watch and we have been making our garden more bird friendly of late. On arrival we immediately noticed a beautiful Robin who was singing in the trees - a wonderful way to start the adventure.

Newport Wetlands

The centre has a lovely Visitors Centre, Shop and cafe with a lovely view over a lake and beautiful place to sit back and have a cup of coffee, daydream and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Outdoor fun
John and Mr A climbing the lighthouse in the play park

There is also a great kids playground with a mini lighthouse and ship and after lunch we enjoyed some fun time in the play park before going not he sculpture walk.

outdoor family

The walk we choose was one of the easier ones that is suitable for toddlers and pushchairs and a great to familiarise yourself with the centre and next time we will try one of there other routes that takes you through the wetlands.

outdoor toddler

We spotted some ducks at one of the look outs and really enjoyed the adult height reeds to run around next to but the highlight was walking across the water bridge to the 100year old lighthouse which looked out across the coast and was a really magical experience for the little man.

Beautiful landscape
Beautiful landscape around Newport Wetlands

I really cannot believe it's taken us this long to visit Newport Wetlands but we will be back again soon as it's lovely to see places like this that encourage wildlife in it's most natural environment and for kids to come and have fun - plus it's a major bonus of being totally free!


We have joined in with Country Kids linky - for families who love spending time outdoors.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. It looks beautiful. perfect Sunday chill out before the week begins x

  2. Great pictures looks like a perfect family day out

  3. The last picture is so beautiful! I love the filter you used

  4. Love that last photo! looks like a great day out x

  5. Lovely photos of a happy family day out enjoying the wonder of nature. How great is that 100 yo lighthouse! Together with the play park, shop and cafe it all makes for a wonderful day out. Thanks for linking up and sharing your outdoor fun with Country Kids.

  6. How beautiful. I love the views. That lighthouse is great! What a wonderful family time out and about.

  7. Looks great. I have really missed doing anything outdoors this weekend, it's been raining and both the kids have been ill so we've been stuck indoors. Not fun! x

  8. Would love to go here. I think Martin Mere is probably our closest and I must go there in the spring.

  9. such a lovely spot! Have you been to Nash Point lighthouse? You would love it there x

  10. i think i went here when we first moved to wales years ago! though i may be getting it mixed up with somewhere else..

  11. We love that place :) We spend ages in the playground. We also love the cuddly birds that have the real bird song! :)


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