Your wedding photographs are the witnesses of your love


beautiful couple
This is one of my favourite wedding photographers I have taken, such a beautiful couple.

I remember when I saw for the first time in my life, the wedding photos of my parents. Being just a kid, I fell in love with those pictures. Even though I am a tomboy I think that somewhere in every girl is the dream, imagining yourself in that dress (or suit), walking down the isle and standing next to your soul mate. I really want to share with you my experience of shooting photos at weddings and what it means to the clients.

Wedding couple

A wedding is one of those special days that should always be remembered. The best way to get the event transformed into an everlasting memory is to capture it. Nowadays, we take photos of everything. When it comes to birthday parties or weddings, a good photographer is absolutely needed. Right now, there has to be a San Francisco Wedding Photographer that is taking pictures of a couple in a cable car. It may seem banal but in a few weeks, the wedding photo album will become the only infinite witness of those people’s dream day.

beautiful portrait

At the same time, somewhere in India, a Hindu bride points her painted hands to the camera and the photographer captures not only some soft tattooed hands, but also a tradition, a moment and a Hindu tale. All around the world, weddings are happening, photographs are taken, people are eating cake while sipping champagne. The sacred event is always a great way to show your happiness and your love to the world.

wedding photography

The event later becomes your own love legend. Since we were little, most of us obsessed with tales of worlds with kings and dragons. That is why it's important for a photographer to capture that same magic, a moment that is different to any other "normal day" In the end, the wedding photography is one basic component of the wedding itself. You simply need your wedding photographs to be great, creative, fun and inspiring. That is what every photographer is meant for. He should manipulate with the camera and with the emotions you bring on the outside in the best possible way. Your pictures are the ones that make that special evening last forever. I love how different couples bring unique touches and experiences to each wedding, some add a little fun and mystery with accessories such as wedding veils.

just married

Having shot a few weddings myself I know how stressful of an event it can be but the main thing is to keep calm, be confident but not bossy or intrusive, document unplanned moments and keep snapping. Usually everyone is full of laughter and smiles and it's often easy to catch the best sides of people, especially when they are all dressed up. It's also a chance for people to look back not only on the day but their beautiful dress which has been painstakingly picked and some are custom made wedding dresses and should be celebrated.

beautiful wedding photography

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  1. Fantastic work, weddings are so intimate must be a warming experience.

  2. You are so talented, if I ever get married you're on my list as photographer! x

  3. These are absolutely stunning, it takes me back to my own wedding day. The are all gorgeous but my favourite one is the bride looking up, really great.

  4. wow amazing i love the natural shots ones that are taken when not posed , fab pics x

  5. You take such beautiful photographs - I wish I was half as talented!!

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  6. Wow, these are lovely :-) Photographs really are a vital feature of weddings, capturing everyone's inner, happy moments!


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