Sunny South Africa


With all this miserable cold rainy weather I wanted to do a little happy travel inspiration post. We have been making lots of travel plans of late and hopefully, fingers crossed, we will be able to visit my hometown of Cape Town near the end of the year, literally dancing up and down at the thought of seeing Table Mountain, eating the gorgeous food and taking my little man to see the place I call home. It really is such a beautiful country with a big heart and should be on everyones must-see list.

Simons Town
Simons Town - a lovely beach were you can see these little guys - Jackass Penguins

Luxury beach house
A view across the Western Cape coast line - beautiful

Aerial view of Cape Town
This is what you see when your flying into the Mother City

cape Town city
Bo Kaap - a vibrant and colourful part of town with tons of history


  1. It looks lovely there! We definitely need something to cheer us up in this weather. Have the floods affected you?

    1. Hi Lauren - I know right, all it seems to be doing lately is rain…boohoo. Floods have not been too bad were I am as I live in a hill but river banks are breaking nearby…and you?

      Laura x


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