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For some reason of late I have forgotten how much there is to do down the bay. We spent many an afternoon walking across the barrage during the summer months and than after out car packed in the distance made it harder to venture too but since having acquired some new wheels we are back to exploring further afield.

Cardiff Bay

There is nothing better than an day spent by the sea and best of all it's a great frugal and free option as we enjoyed a walk around the Bay, running after pigeons, watching boats coming and in and out, visiting the possibly soon to be gone lighthouse ship and watching JCD's and excavators across the water develop the new BBC village.

active family

Near the Norwegian church there is a walkway with various sea life engraved into stone, the little man loved this and with every step was asking what each engraving was from Jelly Fish to Kelp. Even though it was a little bit overcast it turned out to be a lovely day with some dramatic scenes across the water, a very inspiring and refreshing place to be on a crisp winter day.

Beautiful landscape

We had a really fun day and spent about 2 hours just running around and enjoying the fresh air, we treated ourself to a lovely fresh salad rolls and than popped over to Techniquest for some fun sciene based learning, really was an action packed day.

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  1. You certainly managed to pack a lot into your time there! What a great place to visit with so many things to see and explore. You have some lovely happy photos of your little man having a fab time and I'm sure he slept well after all that sea air. Thanks for linking up and sharing your outdoor adventures with Country Kids.

  2. That looks fab and your pictures are awesome!! Looks like your little one had a ball! :) xx

  3. As always, amazing pictures and looks like you had a wonderful time out and exploring!

  4. Such a beautiful place, and the pictures are stunning. Nothing quite as invigorating as fresh air, especially when near the cost. For that I am truly jealous, I would love to live near the coast. Looks like likes so much fun and a picnic always makes a day special :)

  5. I love your pics :D They look like such a happy, memorable day. I want to come next time ;)

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  6. amazing pics looks liek you had fun x

  7. He looks like he is having a blast! Such a gorgeous smile on his face.

  8. Perfect photos. Your day looks like lots of fun. I am amazed with the bird shot :) Great one


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