Making our garden bird friendly


So we are really looking forward to the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch this coming weekend and we really wanted to start making our garden more bird friendly. We have a lot of plans for the garden this spring and even though it's been tipping down buckets of rain this week we have started tiding up the boarders and sorting out the shed as well as making our own little bird feeder with the held of our Weekend Box which arrived last week and with perfect timing. We used ice-cream sticks and PVA glue to make this simple but super fun bird feeder and added some colourful sticks I had left over from another craft we did a while back.

Bird feeder

It's a really easy craft for toddlers and Mr A and there is always that sense of achievement when you see the finally product actually come together and work. We decided to double up on our bird friendliness and also pick up a bird feeder so we could place each one on either side of the garden.

Bird feeder
Deciding on the best spot to hang our feeders

Two days after hanging them up we spotted what we think was a Coal Tit having a little munch on the seeds out of our homemade feeder, which was really exciting and being able to watch him from the kitchen while having our breakfast was the prefect way to start the day.

Bird feeders

The next stop is to invest in a little bird feeder as behind the house is a riverside walk and some trees frequented by birds so it would be lovely to see some of them in the garden. Do you have any tips or plans on how to bring nature into your garden?

outdoors toddler
Mr A having fun in the rain

We have joined up with the Country Kids linky this week - a great linky for families who love spending time outdoors

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Its so nice that you are encouraging your child to do these fun nature activities than watching Tv I love the colourful bird feeder you made.I hope you get to see lots of birds in your garden and take some clicks to share with us in another post.

  2. I love the homemade bird feeder, I'm definitely going to try that with my two year old.

  3. I think we'll try and making the homemade bird feeder and attaching it to our windowsill, we haven't got a garden but this would be great for F to watch out the window x

  4. This is such a cute idea!

  5. Aw such a lovely idea, looks like you're little one had fun.


  6. ahh thats such a lovely idea! I need to get Wilf involved in something like this x

  7. thats such a fabulous idea we love to feed our birds with the balls of seeds and fat , i want to make them a nice house this summer x


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