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Christmas tree

So we have a new home and this is our first Christmas in it which has been very exciting. Everything was somewhat of a rush, having only moved in less than 3 weeks ago but we managed to get our tree up, decorated the house, make a gingerbread house and some homemade gingerbread cookie gift tags and get a very excited little toddler to sleep in time for the big day. It was a magical morning spent opening our stockings and gifts, we opted for less is more and picked some lovely natural toys for the little man. We had a champagne breakfast, which always goes down well especially on a lazy chilled out morning before walking over to spend the day at Mr A's grandmothers house.

Scandinavian christmas

I have also been keeping my beautiful East jumper aside for a special occasion and there is none more special than christmas day, I think my lovely doggy jumper beats any novelty one and captures winter and the Christmas feel while still being stylish and warm. I feel like such a lucky girl as John surprised me with these lovely Topshop boots and black jeans and paired with a knitted scarf and silver plated bangle also by east I feel comfortable but also chic for a family day filled with food, laughter and Christmassy fun.

Dog jumper
I love my jumper from East, pairs with Topshop jeans and boots 

silver bracelet

We have a bit of a fun tradition of picking a silly outfit for the little man, who loves to dress up, this time it was an Elf Suit, as well as a dinosaur suit from the grandparents which the little man didn't take off for the rest of the day and had a lot of fun running outside in the christmas sun.

toddler dinosaur suit

It was also lovely to see the two boys having so much fun together as in Johns line of walk the run up to Christmas is manic and full of very long working days so I know the little man has been missing boys time a bit but the past two days have made up for it.

street style

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  1. Mr A looks totally adorable in that Dinosaur outfit!! I love it!! It is exactly how children should look Christmas morning, (not like a dinosaur, I mean happy and full of joy).

    1. Haha Erika - so true :)
      Yes children should be filled with joy on Christmas day - best day of the year :)
      Laura x

  2. Beautiful photos as ever. I'm glad you all had a lovely Christmas.

    Your hair looks great, I love you wearing it longer. :-)

    Love the Dino costume too and I agree that the extra "Dad time" over Christmas is pretty special.

    Love to you all.


  3. thanks for stopping by my blog! what a fun comfy outfit-perfect layers for this time of year. Wonderful pictures!

  4. Gorgeous outfit and you hair looks great long! Happy New Year :)

  5. Your hair is growing so much! You look really good :)
    Lovely photos of the little man.
    I hope you had a great Christmas & new year. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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