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So this week we are enjoying the tale of a very groovy cat called Pete - such a lovely story about cat who wears shoes and what happens to him on his adventure, it's also has a great little life moral at the end and very cute and quirky illustrations has made it a popular choice in our house. The little man enjoyed the book as much as I did reading it and it's perfect for toddlers and young children. We received this book as part of the Room to Grow Book Share scheme were you get sent a book for 14 days and then post back, it's shared with another family and then you wait for your next book - very exciting and a really innovative scheme which is perfect for families especially when less children seem to be enjoying books these days. Luckily Mr A loves book and it's the perfect quite time activity and is also something he looks forward to at the end of the day. We can't wait to see what our next book from the scheme is.

Cat illustration

Children's book illustration

Pete the cat


  1. What a lovely idea and means you get a surprise each time! I love Pete and his white shoes, brilliant illustration!

  2. Aww sounds a lovely book! The Room to Grow Book Share scheme sounds such a fab idea :)

  3. What a lovely book. I know my kids would have loved it when they were younger.
    Love Vicky


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