Swimming - the perfect family activity


Mr A enjoying running through the water at the seaside

As a family we love to keep fit and active, not only does it make you feel better about yourself but it's also a great way to bond as a family. We go out nearly every day except when it's really throwing down cats and dogs and for those days the pool is our place of sanctuary and it's an activity that truly is perfect for all ages from toddlers to grandparents.


Have you tried...

...spending a day at the pool by spending points with Nectar Swim? We all know the health benefits associated with a few regular lengths, and making a splash at the local pool can be brilliant fun too!

Now Nectar cardholders can redeem their Nectar points on a swimming session at hundreds of participating pools across the UK, whether you feel like some family fun or want a good underwater workout.

To help you enjoy Nectar Swim to its fullest, we've put together a few of our favourite pool based activities, perfect for water babies. Before enjoying any of our suggestions, please do make sure that children are supervised at all times in and around any pool area.

Piggy in the middle

This game is an age-old classic on land which is even more fun in the water. Two participants throw a ball back and forth while a third player takes the role of piggy. The piggy must stand (or swim) in the middle and do all he or she can to intercept the ball. If the piggy should succeed, they become a “thrower” and the person responsible for the catch becomes the piggy.

swimming lessons

Diving ducks

Are your kids talented divers? Well they soon will be. Test their skills by dropping an object to the bottom for them to fetch. Most pools have equipment for you to use, but a penny or a pair of goggles will serve just as well. It might sound simple, but children love to show off their diving abilities!

Water Marco Polo

Another classic game for landlubbers, Marco Polo becomes even more fun in the pool. With their eyes closed tight (no peeking!) “Marco” must locate the other players in the pool and catch them. Usually the players are located by the searcher shouting “Marco” to which the other players they must respond “Polo”. In the pool these calls can be substituted for splashing sounds or can be shouted underwater for an even tougher challenge!

Double decker dolphins

This is a great game which helps kids to develop stronger swimming muscles and better technique in the water. It's also brilliant for encouraging teamwork. You'll need two participants for each “dolphin pair”. One half of the dolphin kicks, the other swims using their arms. The kicking partner takes the back, holding the “arms” partner by the waist. Make sure the “arms” partner knows not to kick to make sure nobody gets hurt. Time your dolphins or organise a race with other pool goers, just be prepared for plenty of splashing!

outdoor swimming pool
My dog and I enjoying our pool in South Africa when I was young.

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  1. I haven't taken my kids swimming together yet simply due to the cost. I may have to look at this, thanks!


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