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Luxury St Lucia

I recently found out that Alexandra Spencer, the NY-based model, blogger and style icon, stayed at the same luxury residences in St. Lucia, a destination we are considering for a long overdue holiday next year. In fact she stayed there as recently as May this year with Vampire Diaries actress Phoebe Tonkins and ex-Vogue stylist Ilona Hamer! Personally this made me very interested in what she did whilst she was there as it seems strange to picture ourselves in the same surroundings, as it seems forever since we have had a proper inspirational beach holiday (Europe we love your but we desire something exotic at the moment)

Luxury holiday

Have you ever been to heaven?

On her 4th and Bleeker blog, Alexandra posted a number of photographs from her stay in ‘The Residences’, the real estate available to buy at Sugar Beach. She started her post with “Have you ever been to heaven? Because as of May 29th 2013, I can safely say I have: when my two best friends and I flew direct to St. Lucia and checked into the Viceroy Sugar Beach for a week.” The rest of the post is photo based, which really shows you what the girls got up to on their trip. I found the words “swimming between the Pitons” the most interesting though.

Pictons St Lucia
The Pictons, St Lucia

Researching the Pitons

Using Alexandra’s photographs I managed to stumble across something that sounded simply amazing, the Pitons. They are two volcanic plugs in a World Heritage Site and look stunning on the landscape. They are both similar heights (Gros Piton - 771m, Petit Piton - 743m) and are connected by a ridge. I can definitely see why the girls loved swimming between them, and I am very keen to do the same in the future.

Looking ‘ship shape’

It’s hard not to be completely won over by the photographs as the three women look fantastic during all of their activities, even whilst getting ready to go snorkelling. The climate in St. Lucia is so perfect for active and fashion conscious people such as themselves as it allows them to dress in sheer kaftans, dresses and many bikinis... and even just a towel in some cases! However this has made me consider what I would bring with me; Alexandra has inspired me to buy some more pieces in white and black which was a theme throughout the photographs online.

NY model
Effortlessly cool

Getting Recommendations 

After reading through some of the comments on the blog post about Sugar Beach on Alexandra’s blog, I found that she had actually replied to one of her readers. After finding out that someone was going to Sugar Beach for their anniversary, she decided to give some personal advice about what they should do during their stay. She said that they should take a mud bath in the volcanic waters, take a picnic onto a yacht (Sugar Beach have one anchored in the bay), have a private cabana dinner, and listen to reggae on a Friday. I always find locals or people who have actually been to the place offer the best advice over out dated guide books and found all of these recommendations helpful so hopefully it will only be a matter of time before we book a room in a resort in St. Lucia!

Model on beach

Alexanders blog is very inspirational and I’d recommend reading it if you want to find out more about her (including her modelling career) and her trip to St. Lucia.


  1. I am sure I just commented but something went wrong, so just in case....I hope that you get to go on your dream holiday. I have been to some amazing places over the years, but never St Lucia, it looks tremendously beautiful.

  2. Ooo St Lucia looks fantastic :) I would love to travel.

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  3. I have heard great things about St. Lucia! Hope you are able to visit it soon :) Looks like a perfect beach holiday!

  4. I've heard great things about St. Lucia. Hope you are able to visit there soon :) Looks like an amazing beach vacation spot!

  5. Looks like a pretty place to visit for a beach vacation. Very interesting post.

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