Vauxhall Motors: presenting the British youth culture


The Vauxhall “Made in England” film, connects the industry of designing and producing cars with the British youth culture. The movie, directed by Katy England shows the car as the personal space of a lone driver, who becomes nostalgic while getting in touch with a confused and lonely boy. The kid who runs away from home and sits in the middle of a countryside road reminds our driver of himself, when he was young. The same man meets with a gang of boys chasing another one, on their BMX bikes, showing strength and drive. There are 2 beautiful and young girls in the back of his car who show him the excitement and the anticipation, filled with the innocence of the young age. At the end of the movie, the nostalgia is up to a higher point as the driver looks at a group of young friends, who bring together a wild essence to the city.

The Vauxhall Made in England is a collaboration which comes as the car company celebrates its 110 year anniversary of producing cars that are committed to future thinking, technology development and design evolution. The short and raw snapshot of British youth culture captures the ups and downs of what it is to be a teenager. There are melancholic and at the same time, rebel signals that detach from the film. It brings driving as a liberating feeling, where the car is the perfect personal space where you can listen to your own music, think about your issues and watch the world through the window.

A different and new take on how to put a car in its best light can be noticed in the Vauxhall Made in England film. The mix of the characters and the lost story, makes the car a puzzle in understanding their personalities.

The fashion, in the short movie is brought by Katy England, where she combines the feelings with the clothes. We see how our spiritual side and our way to be, influences the material things we own, as clothes and cars, It shows the style, British young people with different stories chose to have.
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  1. Oh this is quite good, wasn't quite sure what to expect... also loving the bright red lipstick in the first photo x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. How interesting! I am a huge fan of supporting British made and designed items and films. I will have to check this out, thank you so much for sharing it!

  3. I know my car is very much my personal space, and I love the way that has been captured here. Great review, thanks x
    Love Vicky


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