Date night at the Sherman Theatre


Fred Mello jacket

With the whole house move, Christmas, work as well as juggling parenthood, it's not left as much time to spend as a couple of late so when we were given the opportunity to have a night out at The Sherman Theatre in Cardiff we couldn't wait. With tickets in hand to watch the wintery themed "The Sleeping Beauties" and a little tipple from the bar on our way in, we really didn't know what to expect, especially when at least half of the audience was pre-teens in age we wondered if it was going to be like watching a children's performance, but we couldn't of been more wrong. The show started with a smokey stage, the witch of the forest singing in the corner and an eerie and enchanting atmosphere, any concerns we had drifted away immediately as we became mesmerised by the beautiful stage set and talented cast.

Sherman Theatre

It was one of those productions that had many levels to it and dealt with some serious subject matters such as the wheel of life and death, although it still manages to be very still palatable for the younger generation and is not only family friendly (around 7yrs +) but perfect for adults as well. The show very very loosely based on sleeping beauty and other such fairytales, and the basis of it being about good versus evil, as well as having a touch of magic and what would happen if we locked nature out of our lives altogether.

Wheel of life

Ever since I was young I have been going to the Theatre but since moving to Wales I have done very little and the more I visit The Sherman the more I truly love the place as did Johns whose this was his first visit to the Sherman and was impressed with the intimate atmosphere and high production level of the show.

first kiss

It was really nice to have an inspiring night out together and do something a little different. As John was coming straight from work I went for a casual evening outfit with a dress from topshop and my Clarks brogues paired with tights and my Fred Mello jacket. After the show we walked over to winter wonderland and enjoyed some mulled wine - the perfect way to end a Date night and I highly recommend going to see the show which is running until the 4th Jan.

Sherman Theatre

We were given complimentary tickets to review the show and provide an honest review, our thoughts and words are 100% our own.


  1. It looks like you had an amazing night :)

  2. The theatre is such a different idea, i must try it looks very good

  3. You look lovely as always and the show looks brilliant. I love the fairy tale feel to the pictures, very atmospheric!

  4. You look lovely and sounds like you had a lovely time - very nice thing to do as well for a date night :) x


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