The Simple pleasures of outdoor fun


toddle boden jacket

So we are avid believers in spending time outdoors, even when it's cold and overcast , going outdoors and breathing in fresh air really lifts the spirits and best of all it's can be a great way to keep active and entertain a toddler in a natural, inspiring and often free or frugal way. Children need very little encouragement to enjoy the wonders of nature and even a short stroll to a local park or a bike ride can become a real adventure.

Our outdoor pursuits have slightly changed in routine since we have been without a car for nearly 3 months now, so we have been staying fairly local more than ever and relying on public transport which is really fun in it's own right. We have also been spending time exploring and playing around in our new garden, we have discovered that we have a bit of cat problem, don't get us wrong, we love cats, just not when they are using our garden at there own personal litter box, so every time we have spied them through our kitchen window we have run out and done a silly dance, yes they probably do think we are weird but hey we bought our house to play in the garden and not have to dodge cat poo every second step we make.

toddler swing
Mr A enjoying the swing in our new garden

We also managed to squeeze in a lovely bike ride this week in-between the downpours of rain, as well as a trip to the farm (next week's post). We are lucky enough to have a countryside park a 15min bus ride away and it has a great traffic free cycle track running through it as well as a large pond which normally has ducks, although on this occasion did not although we enjoying looking for them anyway.

active toddler

The countryside park also has a lovely play park area which we managed to get some climbing fun before the rain came in. I can't get over how much Mr A is growing and can use the rope bridge on his own.

Rope bridge

A always our favourite time of the day is the time we spend outside. We didn't spend any money this week on our outdoor adventures and we packed a little lunch to the countryside park. We have invested in a really good waterproof suit as well (we be featured soon) and this has helped tons on those wetter days - I recommend getting one.

outdoor fun

We have joined this post in with Country Kids linky - a great linky if you love spending time outside with your little ones

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Aww, adorable pictures.
    I do believe spending time outdoors is priceless - as you have even proved. c:
    Psh, I love cats....but if they were pooping in my garden I'd silly dance them away too! I pictured Mr.A doing the silly dance and started to giggle a bit out loud. :x haha.
    Hope you guys enjoy the holiday's and keep enjoying nature as well!!


  2. Waterproofs are definitely a great investment! He looks to be having a grand time with those big smiles!

  3. What lovely happy photos of Mr A having so much fun outdoors and how great to have so many nice places to visit that are local. As you've proved, you don't have to spend much to have fun outdoors, and with a waterproof suit to keep you warm and dry you can spend lots of time outdoors having fun. I'm sure the cats will get the message soon and find a new litter tray, thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  4. The pleasure is written all over your little one's face :) #CountryKids

  5. when you see the smiles you realise that taking them out is such a great idea, its just the initial thought of doing it. Waterproofs take away all the excuses.

  6. I'm right there with you! I LOVE being outddoors unless it's pouring rain. :-) You little man is so cute :-)


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