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John enjoying a drink last year

So there is no party season like the festive season, with so much to celebrate, Christmas, New Years and for us a house warming party, now is the season to be organised and on your game, although if your like me, super busy trying to sort out Christmas decorations, the house, being a mother and attempting look like an acceptable human being in the mornings (lots of unintentional late nights recently) I think everyone could do with a little bit of help. Having organised many a party in the past from gig nights to charity events to house parties and more recently birthday parties I wanted to put together my top tips for staying sane and organising a festival celebration to remember.

girl dancing
Enjoying a house party in our old house

1. Always have a pen and paper to hand for when you have a light bulb moment or simple need to remind yourself to pick up the mistletoe to hang over the door - this is a must when organising any event.

2. Enlist help - especially if your going to be doing snacks and light catering for a large number of people - don't be a saint, you can't do everything on your own so accept help when offered and ask family and friends to chip in by bringing something savouring and sweet or helping put up decorations.

3. Decide what theme your going for early on and stick to that, it's much easier once you are sure what look you want to achieve. There are so many fun choices and it adds an extra dimension to the party - with Christmas it's fairly easy as elf's and Santa's seem to be the obvious choice but at other times you could go for an around the world theme, fairy tales, gangsters whatever you want.

4. Food food food - you don't need to do anything too over the top and why not stay with something healthy and fresh like a Mediterranean spread, the BBC Good Food Guide has some great ideas and inspiration? Just because it's Christmas doesn't mean you can't have natural and delicious food that is also good for you, things like olives, hummus and pitta always go down well.

healthy party food
Party food can be natural and healthy too

5. Make sure you get your invites out in time - paper ones are always lovely and add a personally touch but if you don't have enough time you can send themed digital invite to all your guests and is a super easy and cost effective way to let everyone know your throwing the party of the year.

6. Don't leave things to the last minute - get all the non-food preparations up and ready first and than try and do all the food preparations done the night before so you have time to get ready and look your best on the day - the main thing of all though is to have fun!

Do you have any festive parties planned? What are you top tips for the throwing a great get together?


  1. I so needed to read this! I don't have any festive parties planned this year, but last year me and OH got things so wrong it was laughable. Too much food, to much booze (and neither of us drink), not enough structure, and just lots of people sitting around feeling fit to burst. We're in the midst of planning our wedding reception for next August, and it really is more of a party than a formal thing. These tips will come in very handy - thank you
    Love Vicky

  2. Not got any plans for my own parties this Christmas but the biggest tip is make sure you cook the food well, nothing worse than the next day getting loads of texts about your loved ones being ill and make sure you put the event private on FB if you're going to add it there haha don't need 1000 people turning up!

  3. What a great post :) I always drag my closest friends into helping when I throw a party. It's a wonder they ever answer their phones when they see it's me ;)

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  4. Great post as always! I have got my in-laws coming the weekend before Christmas, we are having a pre Christmas, Christmas, then Christmas Day is just us and Boxing Day my family are coming. I think my best tip is to enjoy it, be relaxed and enjoy the time you have with people. I used to put a lot of pressure on myself for gatherings. Smile, relax and enjoy!

  5. That food looks delicious! I agree with Leeshastarr! Don't want too many people showing up. I'd also suggest maybe making sure the food served is friendly for all kinds of people!
    Reach out and feed all the types of people that party! :)


  6. If you’ve got more than a few children better to have small serving bowls / plates that can be shared by 3 or 4 children so they are not all stretching across the table picnic cloth the whole time
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