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A homemade Christmas - Paper inspiration

handmade wrapping paper

So this is a part one in a series of posts about making a homemade Christmas, each with a different theme. This one is all about paper inspiration and what we can make with simple stationary that we would find in the home. Last year I made some cute Christmas tags that went down a storm and this year I really want to designate more time to hand make more Christmas decorations and wrappings and cards to add the extra personal touch to the festive season.

paper christmas tags
My homemade Christmas tags from last year

The one craft that I know for sure that I want to make this year, with the little mans help of course is home made Christmas wrapping paper, I mean what is more fun and frugal than to carve out some potatoes and go printing mad across some paper and creating something truly unique and special. I am sure this craft is going to go down a storm with Mr A.

DIY gift wrapping
I love this DIY wrapping tutorial (Pinterest)

I always have a great feeling of accomplishment when I make a craft and then pass it onto someone else as part of a present, you feel like you have put a lot more heart and soul into the gift and it's a more traditional way of giving than just walking into a shop and buying something without any thought. One of the easiest ways to add that special touch is to hand make a card - to me there is nothing better than a home-made card because it really doesn't matter about the execution but is all about the thought behind it. It's really easy to make something beautiful and simple such as the button card below which I think it a great idea.

DIY christmas card
Such a simple and effective button craft

Also don't forget about the envelope as this too can be customised and makes a great way to package a personalised card. Once again it doesn't need to be extravagant but a simple print or label can be really effective and beautiful as often less can be more and you can dress up any plain brown envelope such as the one below which has been transformed into a stylish carrier for your card.

Christmas crafts
Beautiful and simple envelopes 

The great thing about paper is that it's cheap, especially if you buy in bulk and I don't know about you but I have a lot of random pieces lying around the house crying out to be used. If not you can pick up some cheap supplies from stores such as Paperstone, or if you wanted you could even recycle pamper and make something really creative like a colourful collage. Either way I hope this inspires some people to put there pen to paper and enjoy the very therapeutic craft of making some personal touches with paper.

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  1. That is awesome what you did with the buttons to make a card - love it!

  2. Loads of great ideas for a DIY Christmas with a personal touch. Love the idea of using the end of a pencil to create polka dot paper! xx

  3. Very creative and they are so cute. You just inspired me to make some!


  4. such great christmas craft ideas! thankyou for sharing x

  5. Very creative ideas to make someone happy..

  6. These are really unique and reuse things that are either in nature or laying around my craft room!

  7. Love the button wreath! I'll be collecting green buttons this year.

  8. What an amazing idea! Will be doing one of these next time i feel a bit craft :)


  9. Love your great ideas. Found your blog just in time since Christmas is a couple of months away from now.

  10. Great creative ideas - We like the polka dots

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  12. This is really creative man. I absolutely love the idea of this.

  13. This is really creative and it looks so much better than shop bought on a roll x

  14. Love your blog, you have some great ideas just in time for Christmas.

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  16. Amazig Ideas, I will try that at home. Best Sewing Machines

  17. Wow, this is awesome! I love handmade stuff and wrapping presents for special occasions myself and I also try to personalise them.

  18. Great tips! I know it's only June right now, but I decided to start preparing before the holiday season. I have so many ideas for presents but I was looking for cool wrapping tips. I work as a personal statement writer so I spend lots of time online and thanks to your blog and Pinterest I now have plenty of ideas for this upcoming Christmas! Thank you so much!

  19. Amazing ideas thank you so much


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