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I love Swedish style, everything is so simplistic, effortless and chic and perhaps that is why both John and I love the swedish label Acne. Acne was founded in 2006 by four creatives with the desire to create something new. They started out with designing 100 unisex pairs of denim jeans and the brand has been built up from there. What is great is they have both a mens and women's line that is equal in individuality and style. It's the sort of brand you don't mind saving up for as the garments are made so well and timeless and I have had my Acne jeans for at least 6 years now and they have not lost there shape at all. Johns Acne shirts don't look a day old and once again are a few years old, I think this is a testament to a great forward thinking brand. Here are a few pieces on my wish list of Acne clothing at Morgan Clare, the high end retailer- for now it still is very much a wish list, especially with having to recently fork out nearly £400 for my screen and hard-drive replacement on my laptop which failed last week, boohoo, well at least I can dream about wearing these wonderful clothes.

Oversized shirt
Acne Patdegrad Fade oversize shirt £235

Denim jacket
Acne Tag Denim Jacket £199

Pink knitted sweater
Acne Sepata Pink short sweater £215

Knitted top
Acne Genevie knitted sweater £95

Acne Star ankle boot £400

Silver skinny jeans
Acne Skin silver skinny jeans £190


  1. Just found you through The Bloglovin' Collective!
    Newest follower :)

    1. Hi M and L

      Thanks so much for stopping by, will be sure to check out your blog as soon as I get a free moment

      Laura x

  2. I love this brand! I just followed you on Bloglovin. :) I just started my own blog.


    1. Hi Savannah

      I know Acne has such wonderful clothes, thanks for stopping by and will be sure to stop by yours very soon

      Laura x


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