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Perhaps it's because I am from South Africa that I always lean towards anything african and for most people diamonds is the obvious choice when it comes to jewellery but my gemstone love is the rare Tanzanite - a gemstone only found in the foothills of Kilimanjaro and has such a deep and magical blue that my eyes get lost in it. When it comes to these things I like to know that it's come from a company who cares about the local people who attain these rare gemstones, they must have ethical foundations as a company and as my 30th Birthday gets closer and closer (next year!) I would love to have a ring I could past down to my children or grandchildren. So when I heard of Gems TV and that they work with the local communities in Africa and with every purchase they donate and support The Colourful Life Foundation, which is involved with numerous health, education and community initiatives in Africa is the right choice for me when looking for a genuine, ethical and beautiful piece to pass down to generations to come.

White gold ring
Tanzanite and white gold ring £104

Vintage white gold ring
I love the vintage feel to this Tanzanite and white gold ring  £149

Pearl bracelet
Pearl and Tanzanite bracelet £115

Tanzanite earrings
Taruva Moonstone and Tanzanite earrings £46


  1. Ummm, so excited to find you via the Collective hop! Tanzanite is gorgeous! I look forward to reading more from you! I lived in Cape Town when I was just married and I miss it so much!


  2. Wow that is so amazing you lived in Cape Town - my hometown - such an amazing place :)

    Thanks for stopping by
    Laura x


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