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Ahh Pinterest you are the source of so much inspiration, such a wonderful tool to visually bookmark your loves, likes and Internet gems. I use it to share my love for travel, fashion, interiors, ethical products and chic baby stuff, it's also my place to dream of the perfect home, adventures and wonderful road trips and my favourite board, that I am going to be sharing with you today is Inspired Living. This board is important to me as I have always been a free spirit, I lived in a campervan for a whole summer in Cornwall and travel across Europe and the UK over the span of nearly two years mainly on my own and growing up outdoors in South Africa has lead me to love the simple quirky things in life, it's a bit hard to do those things now with a family and a little one but this board allows me to dream and full my heart with the things that make it happy, here are my favourite pins....

riding bikes

hippy hair

Boho chic

amazing view

If you have not heard of Pinterest before you should really check it out as it's blowing up in the UK and it really is a great and innovative way to bookmark your finds as well as a useful marketing and networking tool. I was really over the moon when Pinterest asked me to be part of #PinItFoward campaign and to spread the pinterest love which comes so easy to me as I genuinely love it. If you want to join in just click here

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Pin It Forward UK 2013


  1. Thanks for participating in Pin It Forward UK, Laura! You have traveled in so many amazing places and I can't stop looking through your Inspired Living board! The teardrop trailer is so neat! Lauren, Community Coordinator

    1. Hi Lauren

      Thanks for having me :) and so happy you like the Inspired living board

  2. Love that top picture. I'm addicted to Pinterest, it makes me happy :)

    1. I know me too! It's such a great place for inspiration

      Laura x

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    1. Hi

      Thanks sp much for stopping by and checking out my blog, will check out your website for sure

      Laura x


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