The ultimate festival checklist: What to take with you


Festival checklist

With large and small music festivals popping up around the country, many people will be enjoying a range of tunes in the great outdoors this summer. If you’re hoping to camp out, get muddy and see your favourite band, that’s wonderful, but don’t forget to take these essential items with you.

father and son
It was important to make sure Mr A would not get sunburn when we were at Wychwood this year

Sun cream

Whether you’re going to Glastonbury or Bestival, it’s a good idea to pack a bottle of sun cream – just in case. Sure, some festivals seem to annually collide with an influx of unwanted rain, but it’s worth taking precautions in a bid to protect your complexion. 

Cash and cards

Most festivals have ATM machines on hand for your convenience, but they are often few and far between and come with long queues. Some even charge you to get money out, so remember to withdraw an adequate amount of funds before you go! As thefts are relatively high at this kind of event, you should also divide your money into several wallets and keep them in a safe place.

Bandages and plasters

A mini first aid kit is sure to come in useful while you’re out and about, so don’t forget to pack some bandages and plasters. They’re ideal for cuts and grazes and should even stop your wellies from rubbing if you’ve been doing a bit of over enthusiastic dancing. Of course, we don’t expect you to lug around a big green box with a white cross on the front, but slipping a few essentials into your bag or pockets should do the trick. 

Festival waterproofs


The weather can be incredibly temperamental in the UK, so unless you’re jetting off to a festival abroad, you’re sure to need your waterproofs. Pack a macs are ideal as they take up very little room when put away and an umbrella is a must-have. After a downpour, the ground can also become extremely muddy – particularly with thousands of people stomping around – so make sure you have waterproof footwear that you don’t mind getting dirty.

A change of clothes

Of course, you’re not going to smell of roses if you’re camping, but walking around in wet, sodden or smelly clothes can be far from pleasant. In fact, it can ruin your festival experience, so make sure you take plenty of spare garments with you to help you keep comfortable. Festival fashion is a hot topic at the moment, so take a look at all the latest trends and dress to impress this year.

festival style
Me at Wychwood earlier this year

The festival season is well and truly upon us, so gather up everything you need and have a great time.

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  1. I cannot wait to go to a festival. My neighbours are at Glastonbury this week and I have to admit I wish we were too. We set up a tent in our back garden just for fun to pretend. x

  2. Oh how fun, wish our garden was big enough to set up our family tent - our garden is long and narrow. Why not try another festival? There are tons happening all per the UK during the summer :)

    Thanks for stopping by Bonnie

    Laura x


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