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So if you could do it all over again, if you had unlimited funds, great friends with a farm to spare or a fairy godmother that could magic the perfect place, weather and craft skills to help you with those personally touches, how would you do your wedding? Maybe you are the simple kind of girl like me that wouldn't want a fuss and pops down the to registry office, but then again one can still let their mind go wild and dream of inspiration weddings, the ring, the dress, the cake, the party? I started my Inspired Wedding pinterest board a while ago and here are my favourite dreamy styles for a bid day...

dreamy wedding headband
I love floral headbands

A beautiful rustic wedding

I love natural colours with hints of grassy green and wild flower bouquets, hand made gifts, summery drinks and a simple but cute cake....

Beautiful wedding dress

Cute wedding cake

As you can tell I am a natural, vintage inspired kind of girl, although this looks needs to be done properly and with care, I have been to a few weddings where the little touches are so unique and interesting while others have gone for the obvious vintage look which at times was a little bit overbearing as well as almost mainstream with a lot of accessories being bought in bulk and not made with love.

Besides having wonderful memories, the one thing that you carry with everyday is the ring, so some due care and attention needs to go into this as your going to be looking at it for many years to come. I always think simple and elegant is the way to go, with quality metals and certified diamonds that can be traced back so you know they were sustainable obtained. I am not saying you should pay the deposit of a house on your ring but just go with reputable dealers such as Diamonds and Rings who have more than 25 years of experience and expertise in the diamond and jewellery industry. They have a vast selection including some vintage style pieces that are simply beautiful, here are my top engagement ring picks

Ribbon twist engagement ring
Ribbon Twist engagement ring 0.25 Carat £345

Diamond engagement ring
Six Claw roung and pear ring, 0.5 Carat £1522

Honey Citrine
Vintage inspired Honey Citrine and Diamond Ring £378

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  1. love the vintage theme you have going on!

  2. I love so many of your elements. I've been pinning stuff for a year to my 'I Do Again' boards for our 10th Anniversary vow renewal. With it so close now, sadly all my big dreams are not going to be pulled off. Wheres that winning lotto ticket? ;) Probably going to be just me in my dress and a homemade bouquet of paper flowers, but would love to do it again in another ten years. :)


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