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So we love to eat good homemade food, I cook pretty much from scratch with all our meals and I try to use as much organic produce as I possibly can (and afford). We usually have an omelette at least once a week - with mushroom and spinach omelette being our favourite but this week I fancied a change and decided to try out making a filling Frittata for the family. I have to say it was nice not having to make three separate omelette and instead cook everything in one flan dish. So a Frittata is similar to a spanish omelette although this one is from Italy and contains vegetables, seasonings and cheese.

Feta and pepper Frittata
Our very yummy Frittata

200g New Potatoes, peeled and cubed
75g Red onion, chopped
1 clove of garlic
1/2 Red Pepper
1/2 Yellow Pepper
1 clove of garlic
1 tsp mixed herbs
100g Feta cheese, crumbled
5 free-range organic eggs
100ml Organic Milk/Soya Milk
1-2 tbsp olive oil

Preheat oven to 190.C/375F/GasMark 5.
Boil potatoes in saucepan for 10 minutes, then drain
While potatoes are boiling prepare onion, garlic, pepper and cheese

Heat olive oil in large frying pan, then fry onion, garlic and mixed herbs for 5 min until the onion starts to go clear. Add the pepper and cook for another 2 minutes, then add the potatoes and cook for a further 5 minutes.
Remove from the heat and add the feta cheese

In a small bowl beat the eggs and milk, adding pepper to taste.
Pour the vegetable and cheese mixture into the flan dish and spread around evenly.
Pour the beaten eggs over the vegetable mixture, press the vegetable mixture down so it's mostly covered with egg.

Bake for 25-30min until it's set and golden.
Allow to cool, cut into wedges and serve with a side salad.

Natural deodorant

What I have also been doing a lot lately is clearing out my bathroom and trying to get rid of any nasties and try my hand at making some of my own products, first being natural deodorant.

I don't know about you but I'm a sweater. Not an American jumper but a woman that sweats. When it's hot, when I'm nervous, when I'm excited. And I also want to smell nice. Or at least not smell bad. And these two things can sometimes be at odds with one another. 

Not wanting to douse myself in chemicals and unknown ingredients, I've tried lots of organicdeodorants, with varying success. And then I discovered that making your own deodorant is ridiculously easy. Seriously. And it works. Even for a renowned sweater such as myself.
All it takes are two very easy to get hold of ingredients (no scouring the internet for random liquids and powders) and one pot. Any old pot with a wide mouth. An old moisturiser pot will do the trick.

Like this one

homemade deodorant

Then you fill it with bicarbonateof soda. About 1/4 of a cup. Or around 40g. Whatever fits in your pot really. You don't have to be all that precise. Which is nice.
Then mix in some organicessential oils.

Essential oils

It's your choice as to what you put in. I chose Tea Tree Oil as it's an antiseptic and lemon oil for a nice fresh scent. But you can use any oils you want. Other great oils to use are rosemary (another antibacterial), patchouli, lavender, oregano, geranium and chamomile is perfect for those with sensitive skin.
You need about 20 drops of essential oil in total. I went with 10 drops of Tea Tree and 10 of lemon. Simply drop them straight into the bicarbonate of soda and then use a butter knife to mix it all together. The oil will start off making clumps but keep stirring until you're left with a pot of slightly crumbly powder.
And you're done. Really. That was it.
Now you just need to stick a cotton cloth into your mixture and dab it under your arms (it's great for sweaty feet too). You can do it as soon as you jump out the shower and even as a quick refresh in the afternoon.
Make sure you brush off any extra powder before pulling on a black top and remember to wash your cloth regularly.
Could homemade, organic deodorant be any simpler?
Hint: no.

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  1. oooh love the look of that Frittata, would be a great quick dinner when I get in from work.

  2. Yes it's super easy and it makes quite a lot so we had the left overs for lunch the next day :)

    Laura x

  3. That frittata looks amazing! Hm, that deodorant looks interesting, definitely something to think about. Visitng from #fundaymonday

  4. That frittata looks yummy, I love omlette so will have to give this a go. x


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