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I am very much into broadening my appreciation for different types of jewellery at the moment and I am looking for something new and fresh for summer. I was and still am very much into the hand made, natural bracelets and little boho trinket style necklaces but now that I am getting older I want to invest in things that will stand the test of time and that I could possible hand down to children at some point. As with a lot of my jewellery I wear them until they are completely weathered, worn down or even broken, which I have to admit does take a long time, as I still believe in quality over quanity but perhaps choosing finer long-standing pieces means I can have something that out lives me. This does however not mean I want the design to be boring but still rather youthful and creative. PepperPink make some vibrant and colourful pieces that are easy to wear, affordable but very well made and are inspired by the artistic, edgy and thriving area of London's exciting Soho and Fitzrovia suburbs, which is where their studio can be found. Here are some of my favourite and rather sophisticated pieces from Pepper Pinks Gemstone jewellery collection...

Peacock drop necklace
9ct Yellow Gold Peacock drop necklace £149.95

9ct Rose Gold Large Oval Morganite Pendant £250

Aquamarine birthstone
9ct White Gold March Birthstone Aquamarine ring £195

Pepper Pink was founded by Mark Milton in 1991 with more than 20 years expierence and with a creative team behind the designs, I love the drop earrings and boho style pieces such as the two below.

Peridot earrings
9ct Yellow Gold Peridot Circle earrings £195

Fretwork boho earrings
9ct Yellow Gold Flower Fretwork earring £150

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  1. What beautiful pieces!
    I would love for you to join in on tomorrows What I Wore Wednesday link up! stop by the blog to check out the easy rules! Hope to see you there!

  2. Hi Tori
    Thanks for stopping by, yes I will join in with what I wore tomorrow.
    Glad you like the jewellery :)

    Laura x


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