That New Year feeling...


Seeing the New Year in with some champers

So I really cannot believe it's 2013 - where did 2012 seemed to fly by faster than usual. Perhaps because we where so busy with bringing up a toddler, work and moving home and I feel that in a way we are over what was quite a stressful time and I have a really good feeling about the New Year.

The New Year is always a time of reflection and I think this is true for most people. I like to focus on the positives and improve on the negetives. This year I am not making an huge drastic resolutions but rather aspiration that I strive to achieve as I do feel there are some improvement that I could make.
Here are some of my 2013 goals.

1. Aim to be more organised - it saves time and your sanity.
2. See the positive side of things because positive people attract positivity to there lives.
3. Eat wholesome, nutritious and organic food
4. To really enjoy the indulgences I allow myself.
5. To always make time for the ones you love - especially my family.
6. To look at life through the eyes of my toddler
7. Be creative and make more thing with my hands.
8. Use my twin lens reflect film camera as my main camera
9. Less procrastinating and more doing - in all aspects of our lives.
10. Not to say everything I am thinking - if it's not useful for anyone to hear then don't say it.

Our actual New Years Eve was a chilled and casual affair....this was mainly due to the fact little Mr A was not well enough for us to leave him with anyone and both John and I were not completely over our winter virus so John and my brother went out for an hour or two to the local pub and I had a chance to just chill and read, then they joined me to watch Jools Holland and open a bottle of bubbly. We woke up pretty much free of a hangover (John was a little bit affected and had a lie-in) and since it was the first dry day in ages and Mr A was well enough for a walk we ventured outside and have a lovely river stroll. Later on we went for a drive and there was a very beautiful sunset....a perfect way to finish the first day of the year.

New Years Day sunset

The 2nd of January was also pretty amazing, Mr A is finally well enough for a proper day out so we headed to Cardiff Bay, where he ran around like a mad man outside playing hide and seek with John, looking at the ducks and swans and chasing seagulls. We then visited Techniquest - an interactive Science playdome with all sorts of cool and interactive games and experiences. If your in Cardiff with children and at a loose end I recommend this place - although it is expensive if your only going for the one day - £7 per adult - although it's only £18 for the whole year. Mr A played for 3 hours straight and  never got bored. The only downfall is the food - it's not bad, just not our sort of thing. What I mean by that is there is not really a healthy option on the menu - I ordered a veggie burger thinking it would be a nice chunky bean burger style instead it was a breaded fried unhealthy type in a plane bun with no salad (not one leaf) with a huge plate of chip to go alongside it, but for the odd occasion I suppose this can be forgiven.

Science fun
Mr A taking water play very seriously

Playing hide and seek with John

I intend for this year to be full of fun and silliness


  1. Fun and silliness is a great rule for 2013, I shall join in on that! And wasn't the 1st of January a beautiful day? The rain finally stopped!!!

  2. I aim to be more positive and like the thought that positive people attract positive things.

  3. Great resolutions for 2013! I think I'll copy your list and hang it up on my fridge. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones xxx

  4. A year of fun and silliness could be incredibly healthy. I tend to be very serious. Maybe I can add a bit of that to my year as well.

    Best wishes on your aspirations for the year. I love that last one. Boy, could I stand to work on that.

    Happy Sharefest! I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  5. You have some wonderful resolutions. May your year be stress free and you meet all your goals!


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