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Even though it was quite chilly this weekend, it was dry and whenever it's dry we are outside. I always feel like I have cabin fever after a few days inside and the fresh air really does help to lift the spirits. It's also great to see things through the perspective of a child for which everything is an adventure - a stick is a sword and puddles have to be jumped in. On sunday we went to our local park, we took a ball and played around kicking leaves and watching the swollen river. On monday we had a relaxing stroll through Bute Park - one of my favourite parks in Cardiff because every time we go we discover something new - like the Secret Garden Cafe - I know it's probably been there for ages but we have always ate at the Summerhouse and never seemed to go down to that part of the park - they serve lovely fresh food and Mr A gobbled down his tuna and sweetcorn sandwich and I loved my homemade Tomato and basil soup. We also had a chance to start the 1926 Park Adventures quest a really fun free download to help children be more inspired by the outdoors, it also helps mix things up if you do go out a lot and are lacking in new ideas. All in all my favourite place in the world is just being in the fresh air, with my heres to park life

Ben Sherman
Father and Son
 The walk also gave me a chance to wear my new winter Mac that I picked up at TK Maxx, I wore my last one till it was threadbare and have been long over due a New Mac. I love the big buttons and it kept me feeling really nice and warm. I love building up layers during winter and paired this with a knitted jumper, a scarf that I picked up on my travels through Europe and some cute stripy Etre gloves.

Winter Mac
Laura wears - Mac - New York Laundry, Beret - Pure Collection, Scarf - gifted, Jumper - H&M, Trousers - Topshop, Boots - Peacocks, Gloves - Etre

Garden cafe

Ralph Lauren
If your struggling to think of ideas or be inspired 1926 wood flooring have put together a great little adventure pack, Mr A is a bit young for it but he still had fun picking up different coloured leaves and feeling the trees bark. It's a really great way to get children involved and make the connection of the journey a tree goes on from seed to sapling to habitat for wildlife. Once you complete the explorer tasks you can printout an explorer badge - a lot of fun

Park Adventurer


  1. Awww, what a lovely family affair. You and that charming little boy look cute to boot! <3

    XO, Michi

  2. Heehee I just love these pictures! And your mac is gorgeous!


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