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Ahh how my feet long to be free, in the warm summer sun with the grass underneath them. When I came across these Flossy espadrilles it made me long for summer and all the fun that comes with my favourite season of the year. It reminded me of my student days in Falmouth, Cornwall, which seemed like a world away from the rest of the UK, as if it turn on it's own time. I pretty frugal with my money and only buy something when I need it but Box clothing currently have these on Sale for 50% so I think I'm going to get a pair now because I will want them when summer comes and I know I will probably moan about the price, so some forward thinking is needed here.

summer shoes

Until then though I like to keep my feet nice and cosy and John is a huge sock fan and has been wearing Happy Socks for a while and I am equally a fan, I think it pretty much got me with the name and the cute and quirky designs make my feet dance. It's no surprise these sweet little feet warmers are designed in Sweden and made in family owned worker friendly factories. Since I grew up in South Africa, I am not accustom to the UK weather and I always think that if your feet are cold you have pretty much had it, as I feel like the rest of my body is cold, so treating your feet is easy when the socks are so happy :)

happy feet

swedish socks

stripy socks

swedish design

polka dot socks


  1. they are aptly named happy socks the colours and patterns adds a cheer! :)

    Cheers and thanks a bunch for visiting and for the lovely comment! :)

    ▲_▲ HYENA



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