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Vintage Jacket
Wearing a vintage handed down Gerard Darel Jacket and thift store satchel bag

I don't know about you but there feels like there is a bit of a change in the air with regards to our already fragile economic climate, just as things were starting to look up and then in the past week both Jessops, HMV and Blockbuster have gone into administration, putting a lot of young peoples jobs in jepody. This reminds me even more to be thrifty and economical when it comes to clothes shopping. I have always been a cautious and I always try buy fewer but quality items rather than cheap one season trend purchases. I am also lucky that my mother happens to be a very stylish and chic lady and we are pretty much the same top size so I am always thrilled when I get something passed down to me from her.

I have a few key tips I use when shopping

1. Do I really need it, am I going to wear it - this is a question we all need to ask ourselves, everyone likes to keep up to date and fresh with each seasons but make sure you get some stylish staples over a one season gimmik trend that won't see the light of day after wearing it twice.

I bought this Velvet jacket in a charity shop years ago and it's still looks great

2. Have a rummage through Charity shops and vintage markets - I can't even begin to tell you what wonderful finds I have had in both at the fraction of the price. I have found some amazing Italian vintage bags, brand new labeled skinny jeans, beautiful jewellery and even some cute little on-trend wedges.

Thrifted jewellery
Charity Shop Bracelets

3. Be a treasure seeker when it comes to sales and discount retailers like TK Maxx - you need to have patience and have an idea of what you are looking for, don't buy things just because they are cheap but because you want them and if they happen to be in a sale that's a major bonus. John and I went to TK Maxx over the weekend and I had only just been talking about wanting a pair of Doc Martens and then we stumbled across some for £12 - I mean that's a real deal.

TK Maxx
My bargain Doc Martens

4. Accessorize what youv'e got - jazz up your items and make them feel new with some cute accessories stitched on like some beautiful fabric or buttons, or turn your shirt into a skirt and invent something new.

My DIY denim shirt heart I sewed on to add a little extra dimension to the shirt

5. If you have clothes handing in your wardrobe never being worn then sell it - there are all sorts of sites that allow you to sell clothes and if you haven't got the patience for auction sights like ebay you can now also recycle and get cash for clothing and use it to fund some new purchases. That's what I do quite a bit to keep the clutter down.

Just because times are tight does not mean your closet has to stand stagnant, just be a more savvy shopper, don't be put off looking in thrift stores or have a go at accessorising your own clothes or have a spring clean and sell your old clothes - there really is something for everyone.


  1. Loads of great tips here, good idea to weigh up each purchase. I tend to put things in a list and wait two weeks, if I still want it after two weeks then I must really want it x

  2. I love this post,

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  3. Also, go through the wardrobe, and hunt out seldom- or never-worn items, and start wearing them - it's like getting a new item of clothing.
    Try choosing a statement item or accessory, and wear it with everything (mine favorites are an embroidered silk jacket, a dark purple pashmina, and a chunky turquoise and amber necklace)
    Do your mending, and your ironing, shine your shoes and replace the dingy laces, de-fuzz your wool jumpers (a comb works, or a razor) and you can spruce up a lot of last-year's favorites rather than replacing them because they look a little tired. Bright satin ribbons instead of shoe laces can be a gorgeous accent - try teal in brown leather boots, or wide white ribbons lacing black shoes.


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