A lunch date with Bill


So we had a rare day date the other day and decided to finally try out the new New York inspired Bill's restaurant and deli shop in Cardiff for a spot of lunch. It has a great vibe to it and it doesn't feel like a chain at all, with cool looking staff, bare-brick walls and wrought iron spiral staircase you feel like your in a downtown loft.

Tomato and Basil soup

Drinks - as soon as I saw they did Elderflower presse I had to have some - this can come either hot or cold and opted for a cold sparking class of elderflower with cut strawberries - very yummy. John went for a retro serve coca cola in the original glass bottles, which was a nice touch.


Food - John opted for the homemade fish finger sandwich - which may sound boring but this was fish fingers gourmet style - big chunky and tasty with equally well presented chips that came in a little tin cup. I only wanted something light and had a real craving for tomatoes so I had to give the Tomato and basil soup which was very tasty and not over seasoned and came with a chilli cheese bruchetta which was a really nice touch. I also had a tomato, rocket, red onion and olive salad on the side which was drizzled with olive oil but once again the seasoning was perfect and both dishes together where really filling.

homemade fish fingers

Deli shop - So Bills also makes and sells it's own products and we had a little browse to see if anything caught our eye, some of the products we felt were a bit over priced but we did end up making two small purchases in the form of 2 of Bills Beers and a Mango Chutney - the beers were drunk over the next two nights and both John and I were impressed with the refreshing and original taste of the Bills beer and John enjoyed the mango chutney is really yummy, not too sweet and nice and thick.

Overall - We would recommend Bills for any kind of date, whether meeting friends, drinks with the parents, coffee catch up or even with babies and kids. The staff where friendly, it's trendy but not pretentious and the food is honest.

Bills Deli


  1. ooh everything looks lovely and so well presented. I love elderflower too! Yum

  2. I really like the look of this place, nice place to meet friends on the weekend. I need to try Cosy Club at some point too.

  3. Oooh I love Bills, I come from Sussex where the original Bills is, it opened in a little greengrocers after a huge flood in 2000! Was so excited when it came to Cardiff!


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