Snow Dayz


Winter hats
Winter hats became a must in our house

Well what a weekend we all have had here in the UK, with every house dusted in white and children loving their days off from school. For some reason I find people have very little sense of humour when it comes to snow, yes I know it can make the roads icy (I have experienced this myself) and it can be hard to get too work, it throws the train and bus timetables into turmoil and people panic buy so the shops are bare of eggs, bread and milk but on the other hand it makes everywhere look like a winter wonderland and it only happens for a few days of the year, so have a little winter spirit. Just be prepared and sensible about it, wrap up nice and warm and adventure out with the sense of magic in your heart. John couldn't get to work on Saturday so instead him and Mr A scrapped off the ice on most of the cars in the streets, Mr A also learnt how fun it is too make and throw snowballs at me and it was also a change to test drive his Joules snowsuit he got for christmas. We had a wonderful little hot chocolate break in a cafe that was open near us and this was in fact the first time Mr A had hot chocolate and it went down a treat. We also spent the rest of the weekend making a snowman, shovelling the snow and cosying up under blankets in the living room.

Ralph Lauren jacket

father and son
The two boys on a mission - Mr A wears Joules and John's wearing Ralph Lauren jacket, Edwin jeans and Redwings

Joules snowsuit
Mr A learning how to throw snowballs

snowy landscape
I love how the snow makes the landscape look so pretty

Hot Chocolate
Wellies and Hot chocolate

Frozen Berries

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  1. Lovely pics! How are you settling into your new house?


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