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Relaxing and recallibrating 1/52

fallen leaves

This week we have been taking things slow by heading off to Bluestone National Park Resort in Wales to indulge in some fresh air and to relax and recalibrate ourselves after Christmas and New years which seems to get more and more manic year on year. So far it's been a lovely short break and even we have had some rain it's also given us a chance to reconnect with nature, stomp around in Wellies, jump in puddles and wade through rivers. I's been the perfect break away before heading back to reality and the start of a new year.

I have also been very excited about being asked to be involved with The Mumdrum 52 weeks campaign which encourages parents to document one memory a week throughout the year, which can be used to make an online memory book, which personally I think is a great idea as there is nothing better than looking back over all the memories you have created throughout the year and best of all it's super easy to be involved and you can also share you memories on twitter every wednesday by tweeting #52memories @themumdrum

Bluestone national park resort

wading in a stream


  1. I always say that I feel like I need a holiday after being on holiday! Sometimes you just need a few days to let everything sink in and get back to normal. Hope you had a lovely time!

    1. I know me too!! Thanks for stopping by Abigail x

  2. We went to Bluestone last year and had a great time with friends, I hope you have fun relaxing! x

    1. Oh thats great Lori - yes it was lovely :)
      Laura x

  3. Bluestone looks fab, I'm just applying for the blog scheme :) Can'twait for my West Wales trip in a few weeks xx

  4. Lovely photos, I hope you had a nice time relaxing and resting xx

  5. I wish I was there right now having a break! Hope you got to rest lots x


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