Classic and Timeless handmade wooden furniture


handmade furniture
How beautiful is this English Oak refectory table!

For those of you who read the blog regularly will know I love things made out of natural materials  wood and not much comes more exquisitely and beautiful made than that of Titchmarsh & Goodwin handmade and bespoke pieces which are firmly in my wishlist of things to own in our new house one day.

It's always wonderful to see such amazing things come out of the UK and for traditional skills to be celebrated. I love the story behind this iconic British furniture maker which has been going since the 18th century and is family run. All the pieces are handmade from scratch at their workshops in Suffolk from sustainable wood sourced in UK forests. It's so refreshing to see unique large scale pieces being made with so much love and attention to detail.

handmade furniture
I love this contemporary Walnut Sofa 

I think why I am so visual drawn to their products is the clever design and mixing modern and traditional styles together to create something contemporary and suitable for any style of home. Of course having bespoke pieces made comes at a cost but my parents always instilled in me that less is always more and investing in what you really want is so much more important than having a lot of what you don't really want and having a timeless piece such as this English Oak box settle which can be passed down to future generations is well worth the investment.

beautiful handmade settle
Beautiful handmade box settle

Best of all is that they also have some great price point pieces that allows you to have something unique and special but without breaking the bank and I am in love with these beautiful handmade eco-conscious chopping boards for the kitchen, starting at £40.
They now also have a showroom open in London and you can read more about them on their Facebook page

handmade chopping board
I really want one of these chopping boards

In association with Titchmarsh & Goodwin


  1. Oh that table is just gorgeous! Love the settle too! I'd love one of those in my house :)

  2. Oh I love the settle and the bread/chopping boards are so cute too. I do love wooden furniture but you been to have the right sort of house for it. xx


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