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beautiful window
No matter what size the window you don't want to be losing heat from it (image)

We try and be as economical and frugal as possible (especially after Christmas and the dreaded tax return) and we are always looking at ways to save, especially in the home and are certainly not the only ones, I mean no one likes throwing money away. What I found out during my research is that a staggering 50% of domestic heat is lost through windows which is shocking and upon hearing this I wondered what the best was to prevent this loss as I don't know about you but heating bills are so expensive so anyway to reduce them is a good thing in my eyes.

The solution is pretty simple actually - for one it's best to have double glazing and secondly make sure you have the right type of blinds or thick curtains to increase efficiency. Duette® is a good place to start as they have a range of blinds for the home with the purpose of saving you money as soon as you put them up and have been proven to reduce heat loss by up to 46% which in turn can reduce your heating bill by up to 25%.

scandinavian inspired interior

As with anything though you really don't want to sacrifice too much style and interior design simply for practicality - as the home should be a beautiful place you want to spend time in, so it's great to see that Duette® has taken this on board to make an efficient but elegant line of blinds which can be custom made ensuring a perfect fit for any window in your home and I am throughly impressed with their collection which has something for every type of home from the traditional to the more modern and Scandi inspired interior.

natural light

Of course there are other things you can do to help cut down on those household bills and I thought I would share with you 3 easy and doable tips to help make your home a more green, economical and cost efficient household.

1. Food - only buy what you need and make a list beforehand - shopping blind is the worst thing you can do so knowing exactly what you need is the easiest way to not go over budget.

2. Turn off the lights - make sure you only have the lights on in the room you are in, it's really that simple

3. Draft excluders - you can get some really cute ones or make your own and put them under the doors to keep the heat in and not out.

January can often feel long and cold but don't get down, start the year as you mean to go one, with a positive can do attitude. Decided what you want to achieve and less is always more. I know we are planning to replace a few things in our house (including the curtains/blinds) and investing in affordable quality is always important.

toddler looking out
Don't get the January blues...have a positive outlook for 2015

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  1. Great post, I think energy efficiency is so important. I hate heating the house only for it to escape through windows and cracks. x

    1. I know right - thanks so much for the lovely comment Fiona :)

      Laura x

  2. There's definately a lot to know about this subject.
    I really like all of the points you made.

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  3. It is so important to try and save cash that is for sure and yoiur son is adorable x

  4. I always turn off all the lights and we also just put the fire on in the sitting room during the evenings and turn off the radiators else where in the house. No point wasting energy!

  5. What a great post, I'm in a 9 bedroom student house with certain members who whack the thermostat up to nearly 30 degrees!!! And when they become cold, decide to open doors/windows to let the hot air out, such a nightmare!! x


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