Can cleaning ever be fun? Avoid getting stuck in a cleaning rut


Cleaning can be one of the most boring and soul-destroying activities on the planet. Short of clicking your fingers and summoning an army of cleaners and butlers, these tasks just have to be done - but there are some practical ways to tackle the problem.

Wage war on dirt

If you start to view cleaning your house as an act of war against dirt and dust you may find that you’re cleaning your home more effectively and you’re having fun at the same time. Part of the problem is making sure you have the right products, you can find some great cleaning products from Click Cleaning, where you’ll find a large range of goods, suitable for your cleansing mission. Another way in which to make cleaning easier and more fun is to change your routine. If you have a family, incorporate their help.

I always try and get Mr A involved in the cleaning after craft time

Teamwork is good

The saying that ‘many hands make light work,’ is great in principle but not if those digits belong to small children who are prone to create dirt rather than order. If you want to introduce your kids to the concepts of order and cleanliness, it’s best to ask them to sort out their toys and other paraphernalia rather than to help with applying detergents, some of which are toxic. Of course arming your six year old with a feather duster could always be entertaining. Delegation is a great idea.

Loud music helps

The sound of a vacuum cleaner is never pleasant, and if you really detest domestic chores, then crank up your iPod or stereo and find some upbeat tempo tunes to accompany you as you clean your house. Ballads are too slow and you might find yourself dawdling but any selection of House music or even the Rolling Stones will make you laugh and get on with your task more quickly.

Treat yourself

After cleaning each room, you can award yourself a treat. Try not to sit down when enjoying the treat, as you may never get up again, but if you have a target driven cleaning schedule, then you will get the job done.

Cleaning kitchens

An article in Cosmopolitan argues that cleaning kitchens can never be fun, but you will always be satisfied with the end result. The article also suggests that you will gain immense satisfaction if you’ve managed to clean your oven with some lemon juice and an elastic band, rather than using a more conventional process. You’ll achieve other effective results by using baking soda or vinegar on other kitchen appliances, the fun element lies in spending the money you’ve saved on something you really want.

Ring the changes

Don’t always clean your home on the same day. If you follow the advice of an article in The Guardian, the writers believe that good time management will help you clean more efficiently. The idea is to delegate a certain number of hours to a specific project and then move on. In this way any cobwebs will be eradicated during an allocated time and then you can move on to doing something more pleasurable.
Of course if you love house cleaning, then spend as much time on this task as you are able to and have fun at the same time.

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  1. I love cleaning! But then again, i do not have little ones to be cleaning up after. I guess it is east when you are only cleaning up your own mess ha! I really enjoyed reading your post and look forward to reading your others. Steph x

  2. Music definitely helps... or listening to Radio 4! (Does that make me old?!)

  3. I am forever cleaning my home but with 7 little ones, 3 german shepherds and a husband who leaves his work gear all over it seems im doing it at least four times a day and there are times when im rushing about at 1am still cleaning up x

  4. I hate cleaning my kitchen ! my teenagers make so much mes ! but cranking up the tunes teamed with how it looks afterwards makes it worthwhile :)

    Rachael, from -

  5. Just trying out a product you haven’t seen before can bring a little excitement to the proceedings, perhaps a new fragrance to make it all less tiresome! Whatever you choose just make sure you have plenty in, there is nothing worse than starting a job and mid way your out of cleaning supplies


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