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cosy sofa
Really want to cosy up on this stylish sofa (image)

I have to say coming into my 35th week of pregnancy I am really starting to slow down and the energy levels have really seen a drop of late. I have up until this point felt fairly fit and active but the time is coming that I really want to curl up, watch some TV or read a book on a big comfy sofa and embrace a moment of calm before the chaos. Perhaps this more lazy approach to the start of the year is not the best but I am going with it as it's what my body needs right now and I am letting myself enjoy everything that this "down time" has to offer these cold evenings as well as relaxing to some of our records in the record nook.

listing to music
Relaxing in our record nook

So for this once I am not going to be beating myself up about not totally keeping track to my New Years resolutions and to be honest I think sometimes we all need to give ourself a break as well as approach things in a realistic manner and with that if humour such as the fun new donut loving Virgin Mascot - Ed the Sofa Bear.

Ed, a life-size bear playing a man playing a bear, is the hilarious and actually totally addictive new Virgin Media mascot who features as a donut-hungry, loveable telly addict; who has been cast as "the lead" in a series of very funny adverts for Virgin.

Sofa bear
Ed the Sofa Bear

In one of the adverts entitled Behind the Scenes with Ed the Sofa Bear, the self-confessed television industry veteran, talks about his previous appearance on the daytime TV show Richard and Judy. He assures viewers that although the catering there was good, it is much better at the Virgin headquarters. “No one tells you, you can’t eat too much,” he divulges, while lounging horizontally on a comfy-looking sofa.  “The catering’s wicked,” he adds in his thick London accent. It is Ed’s bear-like propensity for hibernation that allows him to consume so much television – with his interests ranging from nature documentaries to zombie films – and apparently also those delicious donuts too.

Kale and poached eggs
Keeping it healthy with Kale and poached eggs

Of course I am not going to completely sofa hibernate like a bear and I am still as always getting the balance between healthy food and an active lifestyle but one thing is for sure I am certainly putting my feet up more over the next few weeks and possibly enjoying some box sets or re-watching some classics as well as new films such as one of Ed's picks - The Wolf of Wall Street

winter outdoor fun
Me enjoying some outdoor time this past week

So if the detox hasn’t completely unraveled now then you are stronger than me. Frankly, all I want to do is switch on the TV, watch a bit of Ed the Sofa Bear and, while I'm at it, I might nibble on a donut... Or two.

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  1. As soon as we first saw the sofa bear Virgin advert, me and my husband turned to each other and burst out laughing. He basically IS the sofa bear, in looks, and habits. Even the roar when someone crashes his vibe!

  2. aw what a lovely last picture expecially , love your pictures they bring so much life to the posts x

  3. 35 weeks, eeek, not long left! Hope you're enjoying some much-needed hibernation x

  4. Enjoy the calm before the chaos and enjoy your time legging out on the sofa waiting for baby to arrive. Good luck x

  5. Wow 35 weeks!! I have no such excuse to be in hibernation mode, but I really am!!

  6. You take as much sofa hibernation as you need! I'm even wanting to curl up and stay cosy with this cold weather. x

  7. haha that really made me laugh to see the bear as I scrolled down! I'm so glad you are slowing down and taking it a little easier, remember that's what's important xx

  8. You definitely should be resting around now! Love the look of those eggs and kale! Think that'll be breakfast on the weekend.


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