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We knew buying our current property that we were taking on a bit of a project. It was in better condition than our last (a total renovation) as some of the rooms had been "finished" but as we delved deeper and had a better look we came across some very interesting takes on DIY.

Our first stop was removing all the bad Artex on the bedroom ceilings - who ever thought Artex was a good idea I don't know. Unfortunately the floorboards upstairs simply could not be stripped so we opted for re-carpting throughout which was already a huge improvement on the tired and stained carpet which was there when we moved in. What we noticed along the way though was not only had all the doors only had one thing coat of undercoat but where all also on the wrong way!

In the living room we have two Alcoves, when we moved in they had awful wooden boarders that didn't fit properly and one of the alcoves had shelving which we used for books for the first few months before getting around to replacing them, we discovered that this whole time the shelves had been kept up with one nail each and "no more nails" plus the shelves had been made out of all different sizes of scrap wood. The whole no more nails theme has run through in different areas of the house. The Gas and Electric meter has also been covered up with total DIY wooden boxes - again with different kind of wood and very badly done.

The hallway ceiling had also only had a patchy undercoat as did the stairwell - no of which made any difference as we have painted throughout and the one thing about all these little Home Truths is that we have now rectified them and seeing the house come together is really fulfilling.

stylish living room
Our lounge as it looks now - a real improvement than when we bought the property

So British Gas have been working with Channel 4 to bring you some lovely little stores about peoples relationships with their homes and being a huge fan of shows such as Homes under the Hammer and Grand Designs I love these inspiring short stories including this one about COB - I have always had a dream of building our own COB house and I still see this as a possibility in the future.

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  1. I love reading about home makeovers. Our home has so many odd DIY eccentricities that we still fixing and it's been 7 years - I think some of them you end up getting used to! This year there is a lot of decorating to be done - it takes ages as we have to juggle it around looking after our autistic son but we'll get there.

  2. There is always so much to do with old houses. Are's still has the hideous artex ceilings that came with the house and we've been in it 12 years.

  3. Your lounge look amazing! I adore the lights on the fireplace, you have done a brilliant job, simple yet homely at the same time!



  4. We bought our "forever home" recently too and its a huge project - we have similar alcoves to you and are curretly deciding what to do with them! I'm not happy with the fireplace but I don't want to take on a huge project in this room just yet as I'm already in the throes of a huge project! I'm fancying some industrial style shelves for the alcoves! Emma x


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