Another little instagram roundup of our week, what we have been doing, wearing and whose hair John has been cutting. The weather has been quite good the past few days so had some great outdoor fun, as well as coming across some old CD's and my nineties flashback.

family photos

From Left to right starting from the top

1. Mr A rocking my new shades - he wore them the whole of bath time
2. John and mr A on a little train adventure
3. We went to a friends wedding last week and we both went for a sort of vintage style with John rocking a tweed jacket and me with a polka dot tea dress
4. Mr A having fun climbing trees in Thompson Park
5. The amazing green man in Thompson Park, Cardiff
6. My vintage gap shirt with Levi skinnies and creepers
7. A blast from the past - No Doubt and Green day albums
8. John rocking his Edwin jeans, Burlington socks and Clarks originals.
9. Johns favourite haircut of the week on Kris from Frontier Tattoo Parlour

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  1. Such a stylish and cool family, Great blog x



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