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So our weekly little post about what the big boy and little boy have been getting up to and what they have been wearing. We luckily had a lovely dry day on Johns last day off, which meant of course going to the park and exploring, more about this day will feature on country kids post over the weekend, but for now here are what they wore...

Ralph Lauren Shirt
John is wearing a Folk Jacket, Ralph Lauren Shirt, Albam Jeans, Clarks Original shoes and Ray Ban glasses

Albam jeans

John wore his Folk jacket with a Ralph Lauren shirt underneath, Albam Jeans and Clarks orginals. Now one thing about John is he looks after his clothes and shoes very well, his Clarks originals are about 15 years old and literally look like they have been worn only a few times, it's incredible, I wish I had this skill, my things always look worn in way to soon.

Start right shoes
Mr A is wearing a Mini Club jacket with M&S cords and Start Right boat shoes

stylish toddler

On Mr A we always try and add a bit more colour. We love this lined jacket from Mini Club, it's so soft and keeps him nice and warm in the fresh spring weather. He was also wearing Cords from M&S, a Start Right Boat shoes. We like him to be fun, practical and able to run, climb trees and generally be the active little man he is

Happy family

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