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Well as most know spring and summer are my favourite seasons of the year, I love how the whole world seems to come alive during these seasons, after a restful winter sleep it reawakens with beautiful colours everywhere with wonderful flowers blooming, creatures crawling and waking up from slumber and the sun shining down on your and warming up your soul. You cannot but help to also want to add more colour to your wardrobe as well, it only seems natural to join in with mother nature. I took a photo of these beautiful cherry blossoms on our walk early this week and they sum up this beautiful time of year.

Beautiful flowers

When a new season comes in I feel just like all of the new flowers that I need to either think about something new and colourful for myself or upcycle something from last season, so when I came across the lovely floral designs on the new range of Fiorelli bags I felt I had to share it with you, as they capture springtime so well, and when the sun eventually sleeps again for another winter I am sure these designs are going to keep spring in your heart. The other great thing about Fiorelli bags (and I am talking from personal experience) is that they are reasonable on the wallet but are well made and last a long time which I think is something we are all looking for at the moment with the whole recession, we want a lot for our money and it's one of those brands that does not disappoint, with their on trend season designs and beautiful floral prints, oh which I am huge fan.

Here are my favourite picks from their current season and you can pick them up from different high street stores including John Lewis, don't you think they are beautiful?

Floral inspired bag
Fiorelli Dreams large shoulder bag £65

Floral purse
Fiorelli Together Frame Floral purse £35

Floral handbag
Fiorelli Together Forever Floral Grab handbag £69

And if you don't like the floral prints they also have these two gorgeous bags, well they are my other favourites anyway and they are also doing a lot of monochrome at the moment, which have a real high-end designer style but without the massive price tag (phew).

Designer bag
Fiorelli Desire flapover shoulder handbag £52

leather bag
Fiorelli Heaven on Earth Shopper bag £69


  1. I love the floral grab handbag! Very pretty and perfect for summer weather or to just make you smile.

  2. All are good! I love Spring blossoms!

  3. Spring Blossoms are the best! I love your photos.

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose


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