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So in the past month we have done two short trips, each with a night away, one to London and one to Bath. Both times we have packed our overnight essentials, things that keep our skin hydrated and sooth the soul as travel can be quite stressful and I think that using plant and natural based products help your skin to replenish it's natural balance.

Laura's picks

The Body Shop

When on the road you always need a good replenishing moisturiser and I love my Neal Yards rehydrating rose daily moisture which is perfect when your in the big smoke or at the seaside and your skin is drying out, using essential oils and certified organic ingredients it nurtures your ski, making it feel wonderfully soft. The next is my travel size Pink Grapefruit shower gel from The Body shop, it's zesty and peps you up in the morning ready for the day, it's also made in the UK and of course against animal testing.

Natural soothing

I cannot go anywhere without my little bottle of Rescue remedy, a great natural way to take the stress out of travel, made out of flower essance, it helps you to balance, provides gentle support and keeps you feeling positive and it's suitable for the whole family, being completely natural.

Johns picks

Organic olive oil

John always packs his Botanics anti-perspirant as he says it really works and is kind to his skin. With plant extracts such as Ginseng which is packed with anti-oxidents to help protect the skin from free radicals it's a great alternative to the harsher deodrants out there. John has also just started using Naturals Body lotion, as he has very sensitive skin he feels this works well without causing any flair ups. It's made with no parbens or colour and Bio organic olive oil.

Mr A

eco baby wipes

For Mr A we like to use earth friendly baby eco wipes when we can afford to, as they are really gentle on his skin as they contain naturally soothing organic chamomile and calendula which is perfect for delicate skin and are 100% biodegradable. 

father and son at the beach
Seaside fun with the big and little one


  1. I still need to try that grapefruit shower gel. I think it is still in my bag. Thank you for the post!

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  2. HI Bonnie thanks so much for stopping by - yes the grapefruit shower gel is amazing :)

    Laura x


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