Keeping bath time fun


Any mother can give you stories on what they have to go through every day to keep their kids clean and getting a tip or two on how to keep bath time a happy time without the tantrums is a total relief.

Little Mr A goes through fazes of loving a bath, or shower and then suddenly he doesn't want to get his hair wet and as soon as the first drop of water touches his head the screams are let out, which can make getting his blonde locks gleaming is quite hard, but with a few toys, songs and distraction tactics we usually get there in the end.

Bath toy distractions

It is however important to consider that besides making the bathroom environment a fun-filled place, safety should always be factored in so that your kids can be protected from the numerous things in the bathroom that can potentially cause injury or expose them to hazards like soap in their eyes, adult shampoos, razors etc. Keeping these things out of reach at all times can eliminate this problem and make sure you use gentle, natural and eco soap and shampoo products that does not hurt their eyes or skin is a good thing all round. We are huge fans of natural and ethical baby and adult bathing and body products and now it's easier than ever to stock up on eco soap online. 

natural ethical

Most toddlers are still getting to grips with balance so having a rubber mat that keeps them from slipping around in the bathtub is a must have and of course, it goes without saying you never leave a young child unattended. We see bath time as a real family affair and little Mr A loves us both to be there, he likes me to wash him and he loves John to take him out and wrap him up in his bathrobe, it's such a great bonding time for all of us.

Now your child can be cleaner faster and without unnecessary stress which is also good for their health and growth. With Boots promotional code mothers can be able to get all these kids' bathroom products at a discount and make huge savings.

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