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easter crafts

Recently Mr A has hit a bit of a self confidence issue when it comes to colouring in, he seems to get annoyed and upset when the colour goes out of the lines and then asks me to do the colouring and tells me he can't and we really try to promote a creative environment in the home and he loves to paint and doesn't seem have the same issues with painting, so we have been looking at ways to get him back into colouring so when Eggnog asked us to review their colouring-in Easter time tablecloth I jumped at the chance, especially when it's such a fun idea and something we could enjoy as a family.

The tablecloth has ton of little and large illustrations and full's the whole kitchen table and we can sit opposite each other and enjoy the simple pleasure of putting different colours to paper. It's also a great alternative to Easter eggs and a lot more fun and healthier for you

easter tablecloth

The other great thing about the tablecloth is that it's large and will take us a few days to finish, so whenever we have some free time we can pop it down and start colouring and hopefully by easter day we will have a lovely bright tablecloth to put over the kitchen table.

colouring table

Just like colouring we love the simply things, the good and natural things in life and when we can we try to buy natural and organic clothes and today Mr A is sporting his Green Kids Bear long-sleeved tee that I managed to pick up from TK Maxx for a very reasonable price. It's made from 100% organic cotton and is fairly traded.

green baby

Green Kids Long-sleeved Bear tee
Autograph by M&S corduroy trousers
Converse shoes

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