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So I am very excited about meeting all the lovely bloggers at the Tots100 Blogger summit this coming friday in Bristol. I have been to small meet ups before and of course the big Cybher conference but from what I heard the Blog Summit is going to be a day fill of fun, learning, sharing and networking. This has made me think about the look of my blog, there are a few things I want to change and it's not 100% there yet. I am also in need of some new business cards and possibly a little something else to add some sparkle.

Blog summit
Image from a previous Tots100 Blog Summit

The one thing I learnt from Cybher is that you need to stand out, especially when your blog has become more than just a hobby and provides some income to you. You need to treat it like a business but keep that personal touch that make your blog your own . I felt a little bit under prepared with my mediocre business cards from vistaprint which I had put together with little effort while looking after a newborn, but now that the Mr A is a bit older I really need to work on that side of things, as networking is key when it comes to blogging or any business and first impressions are lasting. I can remember being really impressed with the products given to me at Cybher and though I could not afford to promote myself in that way I feel an update on my current cards would be good.

What I got at Cybher last year

I have seen other bloggers do pin badges which are really cute and a great idea but I was trying to think of what my son would like as badges at this point are a little dangerous. He loves his sticker books and that made me think about possibly getting a few Side Street stickers printed up at some point. Stickers are quite interactive, especially for children and I feel it's a good option and addition to the business cards. With anything though there is so much choice and I just need to decide what I want to go for and how I want them to look and feel,as there are so many different kinds - matted, transparent, gloss, bumper size to tiny little ones in fact any kind you can think off. I was thinking of going with some small possibly transparent ones, something soft, quirky and pretty.

I know companies like Moo cards now do sticker but they are pretty limited when it come to size and choice, although I do like the feel of their business cards but the postage is quite expensive and they also add the 20% vat on right at the end which really bumps up the price. I came across Discount Sticker Printing which print high definition using a eco-solvent weatherproof inks and they do all different kinds of stickers, all shapes and sizes and don't charge postage! They do minimum order of £30 but you get loads of stickers for that so I might try them out and get a few different styles.

I am really looking forward to meeting all the lovely bloggers this Friday and seeing what marketing tools they use, I don't think I will have mine done in time but I feel it's going to inspire me to start looking at my blog in a different way and hopefully gain some good tips. Now I just need to decided what to wear....

Personal outfit
This is what I wore to Cybher last year


  1. thanks for the tip and hope to meet you in person on Friday! x

  2. Having a blog means always reinventing the wheel while also staying true to yourself. I feel like a (very) small fish in a big sea.

    I'm hoping my blog turns into my career...the conventions definitely help.

    Lots of luck to you!

  3. Hi,

    I'm excited and nervous about Blog Summit Bristol! I meant to print out Blog Cards, more for social than business use but as usual I have left it til the last minute! Never mind, maybe I'll have them by Brit Mums!

    Are you getting the train? We are getting the first train of the day but will still be a little bit late :-(

    See you tomorrow!




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