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Some of you may know it's Climate Change week (4ht-10th March) and they are now running a new campaign with the help of NCT calling on parents to help protect their children's future by preventing climate change. I have always been involved and interested in green topics since I was a young girl and have been on many marches and protests now being a parent it's even more important to do what we can to leave the world a better place for the next generations. I feel not only as parents but as women (and men) we are providers and protectors to our children and the planet and we cannot change the action of others but we can change our own.

After new research it seems I am not alone - in fact becoming a parent is a powerful trigger for concern about green issues and two-thirds of parents said that becoming a parent made them feel more strongly about protecting the environment.

Climate Week is a great way to start making those little changes around the house - try and recycle what you can, get a little kitchen compositor and food re-cycle. Walk, cycle or take public transport instead of the car, turn down your heating thermometer, wash your clothes at 30 and try and buy locally source food - all easy things to do. For more ideas and info visit

Not only does the campaign have support from parenting organisations but also some celebrities as well such as fitness guru Nell McAndrew who at 8 months pregnant had her bump painted with "Protect the future"

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